Who said Karl Marx must have a beard?
This Ideological Animation Followed by Innumerable Fans is Made in Hangzhou

2019-03-26 06:50:12

Recently, The Leader, a domestic original animation, has attracted innumerable fans. This animation has been viewed for over 6 million times after being released in bilibili.com for less than a month.

This animation provides a panoramic demonstration of young Karl Marx’s family, love, friendship and theories. It also explains the Marxist Theory in simple language.

“History is serious, but it doesn’t mean we have to narrate the history in a low deadpan. The ideological works could also be vivid and humorous.” said by Xiao Zhichao, the Director of The Leader who comes from Hangzhou Wawayu Animation Company. The production of this animation lasted over 1 year. During this period, countless plot modifications and art style tests were performed. The production team was so persistent that all details in this animation are supported by historical basis.

The most difficult part is to convertthe profound content into the plots fancied by young people. For this, Wawayu purchased a lot of books to support their attentive thinking. “We often assumed what we could say or do if we were in that situation. Sometimes we could spend half an hour to discuss and determine an appropriate line.”

When The Leader was released in bilibili.com, the IP series products of this animation in the whole industry chain, such as the books and the living theatre of the same name, also came out one after another.