What a Beautiful City Hangzhou Has Become over the 15 years of Combining Animation with the Gene of the City?

2019-04-16 03:29:52

15 years ago, Hangzhou held a “cartoon and animation carnival “for all the cartoon fans around the world. Over the past 15 years, this annual event has not only witnessed the development of Hangzhou’s animation industry, but also injected endless joy, creativity and vigor into this city. This event has become a golden card of the historic city-Hangzhou in the new era.

“The city of Hangzhou seems to be enchanted and people here are becoming adorable spontaneously”, said an animation fan when describing the Hangzhou-the city of animation.

Walking along the streets of Hangzhou, you can feel the sense of animation everywhere. Green belts alongside the road and weak electricity boxes wear cute animation coats, becoming a splendid landscape in the city. You may also be surprised by the beautiful animation pictures painted on white walls in Hushu Crossroad. Stepping out of the metro cabin in Jianglin Road Station of line one, you may feel that you’ve travelled into an animation world, which deserves the reputation of the first animation metro station in China. In hospital, under the care of cartoon characters, the anxiety of patients seems to be relieved. An adorable cartoon character “police panda” is the spokesperson of Hangzhou police. There are five types of this character: civilian police, traffic police, SWAT police, fireman and senior police officer, which are down to earth and pragmatic.

In Hangzhou, the banner “animation in city and life” is not just a slogan, but has integrated into the city’s genes. Animation has become an indispensable part of Hangzhou and is changing people’s lifestyle quietly.

In terms of revitalizing Chinese cartoon industry by holding cartoon and animation festivals, Hangzhou intends to make its contribution.

In China, several generations have grown up watching Japanese and European and American cartoons. They feel sad and wonder that Chinese civilization is profound and rich, but why are our animation works so poor?

As a matter of fact, Chinese cartoon has had its brilliant history and produced some great classical works like The Monkey King and Afanty. It is the duty of cartoon workers in this generation to make profound Chinese civilization become the IP of Chinese cartoon and display it vividly to world.

Since 2002, China has issued several policies to support domestic cartoon industry. Hangzhou ranks top in this field.

In 2003, the cartoon production in Zhejiang Province was nearly zero. Just after two years, Hangzhou has stood out from the competition with many domestic cities and won the right to host the first China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, the first national and international animation event in China.

In 2005, The first China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was held at the Hangzhou Peace Exhibition Center. It was also from then on that the theme of “Anime Capital, Fashion Festival” was officially put forward. Combining professional exhibitions, forums and events, we launched more than 10 activities including animation industry fair, animation industry summit forum, classic animation film and television week, animation cartoon parade, and original animation contest.

After a blockbuster, this world-famous "Anime Carnival" settled in Hangzhou and will be held every spring. It gradually became an inseparable part of Hangzhou's urban culture and one of the most influential animation events in the industry

In 2018, the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival was held in the 14th session. The number of exhibitors per day reached 111,000, and the number of participating countries and regions increased to 85. The number of Chinese and foreign companies increased to 2,641, and the transaction amount reached RMB 16.3 billion. All have refreshed the record. Hangzhou will also extend the festival effect to the online, creating a “never ending animation festival”

"Hangzhou did not confine the animation festival only to 'collective carnival' under the name of anime, but seized the opportunity of the Chinese animation industry to enter the stage of great development. Polishing the golden signboard of the animation festival and relying on the unique platform of the animation festival, Hangzhou will ignite the engine of the rapid development of animation industry." People's Daily commented.

Promoted with the “Festival”, the animation industry has become one of Hangzhou’s featured industries.

In the first three quarters of 2018, Hangzhou animation and game companies produced 12,298 minutes of 1527 animated series, 6 animated films, and 5.734 million comic works of 173 volumes, achieving an output value of more than RMB 18 billion. In 2018, Hangzhou won the best cities in the country with 12 excellent animation works.

As of June 2018, 30 animation and game companies in Hangzhou have been recognized by the national (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, and Taxation Administration) animation companies, ranking first in Zhejiang province and in the forefront of the country. The animation industrial cluster has been formed with a main board listed (Electric Soul Network), a GEM listed (Shunwang Technology), a US NASDAQ listing (SKKY mobi), a number of new three board listing (Yaowang Network, Zhongnan Cartoon, Xiyue Anime, Noyou Animation, Fengpai Technology, Zhiwan Technology, Qishun Technology, and Zhangdong Technology).

The development of the animation industry and the creation of the "animation capital" are important measures for Hangzhou to promote the transformation of industrial structure, realize the transformation of economic growth mode, and maintain sustained economic and social development. In this regard, Hangzhou has also given strong support consistently.

In July 2018, the "Eagle Project" for Hangzhou's animation and game companies was launched. The government took the initiative to provide specialized services and support for powerful SMEs and key projects. Through support, guidance, incubation, and cultivation of the government, these companies have further formed a strong driving force for the development of Hangzhou's animation and game industry.

Well-known cartoonists Yao Feila, Xia Da, Di Nianmiao, Zhu Deyong, Cai Zhizhong, Huang Yulang, Ao Youxiang, Dao Dao, Nie Jun and so on have successively settled in Hangzhou, and continue to expand the animation strength of Hangzhou.

In May 2017, Hangzhou also invited the world's largest and most influential international audio-visual products and digital content trade fair, the French Cannes Television Festival (MIP), to settle in and become the annual MIP China Hangzhou International Film and Television Content Summit Forum, to promote Hangzhou film and television animation "going global."

In recent years, Hangzhou animation works have won many international awards. Hangzhou Animation Companies, represented by Zhongnan Cartoon and Fanfan Animation, have been adhering to its original intentions, Continuing to deepen their expertise in respective fields, producing excellent products, and making great achievements in overseas markets. The world has heard the sound of Hangzhou.

From April 30th to May 5th this year, Hangzhou will usher in the 15th China International Animation Festival. Are you going the appointment of Baima Lake?

Float parade in China International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2017

The 1st animation-themed metro station in China

Giving way to pedestrians(photo by Zhou En )

Tushan Susu, a popular charater of home made animation, has become the image ambassador of Hangzhou animation bus.

Lele, the mascot of CICAF, in Hangzhou city during the festival