Zoland Animation: Keeping its root while reaching for the world; more than 1000 episodes over 15 years, with the first audiences of Magic Eye growing into parents

2019-04-16 03:35:25

Rubi Yoyo and Magic Eye of Zoland Animation are both classic animation works popular among children. They also stand for the city of Hangzhou. And the Zoland Happy Town sitting on the south bank of the Qiangtang River is the most popular place of the “city of animation”.

Over the past 16 years, Zoland has grown into one of the biggest original animation producer, turning out 59 crafted original cartoons of 22 themes, with the time length totaling around 130,000 minutes. The company started in Hangzhou, and connected the world with animation to benefit the city in return. It has been updating its industrial layout while integrating different industries, making itself the example of cultural innovation in Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province.

At 6:40 on January 28, 2005, the original Magic Eye had its debut around the globe. The imaginative work has updated over 1,000 episodes in 13 volumes since 2005.

Prioritizing the content of works, Zoland worked with a group of top international creative talents and scriptwriters, such as Cai Zhizhong, to exploit content since its establishment. In this way, it has produces an array of creative and healthy animation works.

For 14 consecutive years since the first animation festival, Zoland Animation has actively participated as a representative of local animation. Last year, it also had a new identity as the strategic partner of the animation festival.

When talking about the experience of growing together with the animation festival and the city, Wu Jia, Chairman of Zoland Animation, says that Zoland witnessed the continuous expansion of the animation festival and the influence of CICAF, the sharp increase of exhibitors from home and abroad, the diversification of surrounding industries and the deepened internationalization. “It is also a stimulus for us. We need constant innovation and progress, and we hope to work with China International Cartoon and Animation Festival for a better future.” She says.

After 16 years of intensive cultivation, Zoland Animation has taken the leading place of domestic animation industry with many well-known IPs. Born in the 1980s, Wu Jia, an elite returnee, is more aware of making full use of her own advantages to explore overseas market at a proper time, compared with her predecessors.

Zoland Animation also leads more animation companies in their development, providing them with one-stop services including translation, dubbing, publicity and distribution of foreign language samples. The positioning of Zoland Animation as an international platform for cartoon and animation is gradually becoming clear – it is a content platform with an annual production of several TV animations, cinema movies, live-action movies, stage plays and other diversified works. It is also a platform with the most complete animation ecological chain resources. As a platform for industrial communication and brand building, it is also a platform integrating government and international resources. More than 8,000 hours of Chinese original cartoons have been exported to 93 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and South Korea. The actual export sales are over RMB 100 million, and the future internationalization of the company will be further deepened.