5 New Records | The 15th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Gains Reputation while Harvesting Benefits

2019-05-31 01:41:48

The 15th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) came to a successful conclusion!

The 15th CICAF unfolded in 1 main venue and 12 parallel sessions has organized and fulfilled 45 major activities and tasks, which have attracted 86 countries and regions to participate in. As the preliminary statistics collected by 14:30 this afternoon, a total of 2,645 foreign and domestic business institutions, 5,778 travelling merchants and exhibitors and insiders have engaged in CICAF; and 1,368 projects of actual deal, contract transaction and intended cooperation have been realized, involving RMB 13.984 billion, and the expenditure of this CICAF has reached RMB 2.52 billion, thus, RMB 16.504 billion in total. 1.436 million participants have been received on the CICAF for various events, of which 381,000 have engaged in those held in the main venue. The 15th CICAF has again set up five new records on number of participating countries & regions, scale, number of participants, transaction amount and achievements.


Emerging Boom in Chinese Cartoon and Prevalence of Han Chinese Clothing

Such interactive activities as COSPLAY Free Travel, Express Delivery of Cartoon Postcards, Cartoon Selfie Show, Cartoon Flash and Han Chinese Clothing Theme Show unveiled in the main venue have attracted an increasing number of young people wearing the costume for COSPLAY and Han Chinese Clothing to play self-timer, live streaming and Tik Tok here, making the CICAF a grand occasion. Wearing Han Chinese Clothing as a cultural carrier reflects the young generation's respect and inheritance to the traditional Chinese culture. Additionally, Chinese cartoons have shared the quite big cake of the CICAF like Qin's Moon, Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens and Shaolin Popey: Messy Temple shown at the CICAF. The Hall of Han Chinese Clothing set    on the 4th floor of Hall B    gained heaps of praises.




World Masters Gather in Hangzhou

The Animation Summit Forum was splendid, full of highlights, with many top experts and chief creators of popular works of the year worldwide presented at the scene to give speeches and share their experiences. This session of CICAF also attracted 193 enterprises from 20 countries and regions around the world to set up booths at the scene. The headquarters of the Walt Disney Company participated in the exhibition for the first time, which was a great breakthrough in the history of CICAF. During the exhibition, Disney has displayed many classic brands and images of the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics.



A Business Conference with Remarkable Results

2019 International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC) has attracted 2,086 business professionals from 1,302 participating enterprises in 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan and the republic of Korea, to attend the conference,as well as display and released 1,121 various projects. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 3,485 business negotiations were held at the scene and 1,368 cooperative projects were reached with initial agreements with 29 direct transactions, an increase of 10% over last year.

More and more Chinese and foreign enterprises choose CICAF as the main stage for the presentation, promotion and release of key works, which fully reflects the market recognition of the value of the animation festival platform.




Diversified Audience and Exhibition Activities

Outside the main venue at Baima Lake, 12 sub-venues of the CICAF have also been set up at Xiacheng District North Zhongshan Road, Zhongnan Joy Mall, Hangzhou Youth & Children Center, Hangzhou Safari Park, etc., and a series of thematic activities such as the Animation Float Parade, Cosplay Megatropolis and Animation Voice Acting Contest have been planned and launched for the public. The Cosplay Megatropolis has set up 7 overseas sub-divisions, covering 9 countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. Besides, the "Tian Yan" China International Youth and Children's Cartoon Competition has attracted children from more than 30 countries and regions participating in it, becoming an important bridge for Chinese and foreign animation and cultural exchanges.