HZ Animations & Games contribute to virus prevention overseas

2020-04-02 09:54:52

Fight COVID-19 with Tubo Rabbit


By Lu Xiao

An array of Hangzhou-based Animation & Comic companies have made efforts to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as the experience in China could be borrowed by other countries that are currently struggling to contain the virus.

Tong He Chen Guang, a new animation company in Hangzhou, has teamed up with the University of Science and Technology of China Press to release a series of anti-coronavirus animation Fight COVID-19 with Tubo Rabbit.

Tubo Rabbit, the main character of the animation, is a friendly and warm-hearted rabbit living in a town. Instructed by Tubo Rabbit, the clips are featured for Children teaching them how to keep away from the coronavirus.

"Tubo Rabbit has helped kids in China to learn COVID-19 symptoms and preventive tips," said Jiang Kelin, the Chief Operating Officer of the company. "Hopefully, we can use animations to assist kids around the world to know more about the COVID-19 crisis and learn how to protect themselves."

Within two weeks, the company had completed translating the subtitles into many languages. To date, the series production has been distributed for free in Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the United States, while the distributions in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and other countries are still ongoing.

Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology (known as MEGA MEDIA) is one of the first local companies that have promoted the animated videos covering the anti-virus knowledge in the world via its cross-border platform for transactions. "15 animated clips of the epidemic prevention with English translation produced by a few Hangzhou animation companies have been supplied to the Television Stations in Barcelona, Spain for free," said Yu Hongqin, the Deputy General Manager of the company. "We have continually introduced the list of animation works to France, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and other countries," Yu added that Huamai will constantly endeavor to assist its overseas partners suffering in the tough situation.

Zoland's Magic Eye and TThunDer Animation's Rainbow Chicks, two household animated images in China, promptly added the anti-coronavirus themed episodes in many languages to help combat the pandemic.

Seven Steps of Hand Washing, the animated clip created by Shen Yifan from Hangzhou, has been translated into English and broadcast outside of China to emphasize the importance of hand-washing to kids around the world.

Founded in Hangzhou in 2004, Panshi RockyPlay is an Internet company as well as a global digital culture platform. Its 30 overseas subsidiaries have collected and sent 430,000 pieces of protection supplies to support China.

Via news coverage that has racked up millions of views on its game Apps, the publicity of Zhejiang's experience in preventing the spread of the virus is proved effective in making the overseas audience better know the COVID-19.