Infinite animation creativity, let’s go to The Children’s Media Conference

2017-12-13 15:36:58

In April this year, half of the British animation companies, such as eOne, BBC KIDS, Hoho Entertainment, landed in the site of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival iABC. They delivered wonderful speeches and shared their experiences for the Chinese counterparts. This time, we came to Britain on the other side of the ocean to attend the 14th Children’s Media Conference (CMC), held in Shaffield from July 4 to 6. As one of the world's most effective summits on children's media, CMC offered us opportunities to explore cooperation with children's content producers, buyers, investors from all over the world, and British local television stations. As a cooperation partner of CMC, Megamedia participated in the activities along with China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Guoman Culture, Zhejiang New Great Wall Animation, Zhejiang Television International Channel, Zhongnan Cartoon, and Henan York. Let's feel the charm of "creative Britain" together.


The opening keynote speeches were delivered by BBC KIDS director Alice Webb, and James Purnell, former British Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, and currently BBC director of broadcasting and education James Purnell.


International exchange: A very intensive and efficient 1-1 fair, with 35 tables of negotiation (the sellers and IP holders had negotiation tables. Investors, distributors, and buyers from all over the world should make an appointment in advance for docking at the site.) In the 15 minutes of business negotiation for each session, both sides tried to find the fit points, communicated in enthusiasm. In case they did not give full expression to their views, they could find another time or place or seek email to communicate in depth.


The quick meetings were separated into six sections, which were “meeting with brand content commissioners”, “meeting with channel commissioners”, “meeting with trade, treaty and tax experts”, “meeting with VOD and authorized majors”, “eye on China” and “meeting with the BBC commissioner”. each session lasted for one hour. The organizers hoped that with this activity, participants could know more enterprises in a short time and explore more opportunities for cooperation.


During the event, the representative of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival introduced the characteristic activities and effects of the festival, and invited international enterprises to come to the festival for "gold rush". Megamedia representative briefed overseas companies the wonderful business activities of the festival, and Megamedia cross border transaction service platform for audio and video products. Megamedia Megamedia would help overseas companies to understand the Chinese market and seek Chinese partners.


In addition, we also participated in the "Eye on China" quick meeting. In the one hour high-intensity exchange, we, in tight nerves, were inspired to communicate with others with the most sensitive thinking and the most direct language, with rich harvests beyond all expectations.


In the morning of July 7, the CICAF special event was held. CICAF and Megamedia representatives introduced the festival and business situation. Hoho Entertainment, Cloth Cat Animation, Department For International Trade that attended the festival this year shared their experiences in Hangzhou animation festival. We hope to see more British companies in next year's animation festival.


CMC is the most important venture capital project docking event in Britain. Therefore, the copyright projects of the participants were in the initial stage of development, in the hope of attracting investment, producers, and TV stations. In addition to British local businesses and television stations, CMC also pooled together European and American animation business tycoons including Mattel, dhx, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, 9story and Disney. In the three days, over 40 seminars were held. Big shots of various fields spoke their mind freely and practically in the perspectives of children's behavior research, children's content production and investment, and brand promotion. For example, there was a seminar on "healthy lifestyle". The theme was “healthy diet is a trend”. A large number of children in Britain are faced with the problem of obesity. How to guide it in the content of children? Our team members had brainstorming every day, with a lot of insight and inspiration.