Hangzhou Introduces 18 New Policies for Animation

2018-02-01 02:27:25

At the end of 2017, 18 new policies for the animation comic and game industry were introduced by Hangzhou Municipal Government, and it was the fifth round of policies that enacted especially for Hangzhou ACG industry. The Policies mainly cover four parts: encouraging masterpieces, overseas markets expansion, capital operation and reinforcement of public service.

 “Supporting the best and encouraging the masterpieces”, the Policies cancel the minute subsidies and rebroadcasting subsidies, and add rewards on broadcasting through new media, with a maximum subsidy of RMB500,000 yuan. Moreover, the Policies also add new subsidies on foreign brand projects introduction and Sino-foreign co-production, in order to mobilize domestic animation’s “going-out” and cultivate internationalized ACG enterprises and projects. Besides, the Policies establish the Hangzhou ACG Industry Risk Compensation Fund and Hangzhou Cultural & Creativity Industry Investment Guide Fund ACG Special, helping the enterprises to carry out financing, merger and acquisition. The Policies also adjust the subsidies in the aspects of cultivating incubation platforms, increasing public service, developing talents training and enriching the brand image of the “City of Animation” so as to create a favorable environment for industrial development.