Pediatricians Use Comics to Popularize Medical Knowledge in Hangzhou

2018-02-01 06:37:35

Flu is rampant. What should parents do? What about new parents who are overwhelmed by newborn babies? ——a set of comic books popularizing medical common sense recently are circulated among the mothers in Hangzhou.


These comic books are written by Yu Xiaonan and her fellow colleagues, an emergency physician of Zhejiang University Affiliated Children’s Hospital.

Combining professional parenting knowledge with comic creation, certainly it must be a slow-heated work. When being asked if she would continue to stick to We-Media, Pediatrician Yu said firmly: “Sure!”In the future, she will also add some emotional elements in and draw the stories happen in the emergency room.

In addition to We-Media, Pediatrician Yu has published two comic books sharing the baby parenting life details of her own and teaching new parents how to healthily raise the babies. After the Chinese Spring Festival, another 2 comic books will be published. Pediatrician Yu and her team plans to complete a set of books consists 6 volumes within this year.