Animation industry booms with favorable policy and capital attention

2018-03-27 05:17:35

In recent years, China's animation market has not only embraced quality animated films and television works such as Monkey King: Hero Is Back, Big Fish & Begonia, but also seen increasing amount of financing projects in the animation industry, which leads to high momentum in the market. According to the statistics of professional institutions, 93 companies in the animation-based 2D market received 100 investments in 2017, totaling nearly 4 billion yuan in aggregate amount. By the areas of capital inflow, cartoon and animation were the two major sectors of afflux of capital in 2017. Among them, cartoon companies obtained 46% capital inflow, and animation companies got 34%. 

The prosperity of the animation market shows that with the growth of young consumer groups, there is a strong demand for animation works in the market. Meanwhile, the animation industry develops well, benefiting from the national cultural industry development policy. 

Cultural "going global” is to build cultural confidence. It is to spread invisible culture in a tangible way through animation works, so as to let Chinese culture gain international acceptance, and let more children at home and abroad understand that there are not only Disneyland but also Panda Paradise, not only Tom and Jerry but also Chinese animation works of Monkey King and Panda series.