Hangzhou’s Spokesperson is You!? Pose as Spokeman for Hangzhou!

2018-04-13 10:02:01

With blooming sakura and alluring smell of Longjing tea, the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival is approaching in the spring of Hangzhou. Do you want to be an eye-catching spokesperson for Hangzhou at the Cosplay show of the most stylish Festival in the most beautiful season of the city?

Here is your chance! Come on and enter for it!




April 9th - 20th, 2018


1. Age: 18 years old and above

2. Theme: Not limited

Materials for to submittal:

1. Cosplay portfolio of classic Chinese-style cartoons (Number of themes unlimited).

2. A self-introduction video less than 1 minute (in costume).

Selection details:

The selection will be conducted from April 9th to 20th; information of entries of the “2018 CICAF Cosplay Style Awards Hangzhou Spokesperson” will be collected during this period. On April 26, the  spokesperson for Hangzhou “2018 CICAF Cosplay Style Awards” will be determined at the final offline. Entries to the spokesperson can also be entries to the Cosplay Style Awards.

Mail Format:

Subject: “I speak for CICAF” run for Hangzhou spokesperson + (name or CN)

Format of attachments: All materials should be compressed into a zip file.



Contact Information:  

QQ: 2124472874

Tel: 0571-86533750 (work days only)