The Most Beautiful “Periphery” of the Anime Festival

2018-05-24 08:40:46

Anime festival becomes more exciting with your accompany


Reporter Ding Lan, Ye Cong, Li Weihe Correspondent Cheng Jianxi, Wang Yiqiang


A grand holiday, a city’s spree.

Because of the 14th China International Animation Festival, the beautiful city of Hangzhou has taken on different colors. In six days, we opened the world of the secondary element. In six days, we also saw the “most beautiful peripheries” outside the anime festival venues (periphery originally means the related derivative products of animation, here it refers to the characters related to the animation festival).

They are smiling volunteers. They smiling solve all the problems for you. They are public security and firemen wearing police uniforms. They always pay attention to the safety inside and outside the venue. They are the sanitation workers with brooms in their hands, who use their own hands to protect the environment of White Horse Lake.

The silent effort behind the splendor gives the animation festival more warm colors. Thank you, the heroes behind the scenes. Because of you, the brilliant, safe and efficient animation festival came into being.


These People Warmed the Entire White Horse Lake


On-site wastes are not abandoned to the ground, and the most civilized festival is created in Hangzhou


In the exhibition area of the Anime Festival, food and beverage plaza, parking lot, and surrounding lanes, we can always see the busy sanitation workers. More than 500 sanitation workers actively carried out cleaning, they cleaned the road surface, cleaned and sterilized the public mobile toilets, kept the rubbish bins neat and scrubbed, and ensured the normal operation of the sanitation facilities of Anime Festival.

Supervisor Tong Xiaogen is responsible for the cleaning of the dining plaza. He introduced that the cleaners here carry out cleaning in the area from 6:30 am to 5 pm daily. He said that this year it can be clearly seen that people have increased their awareness of waste sorting, and almost no one has been seen to litter. In particular, some primary school students are very aware of waste sorting, reflecting effectiveness of education and promotion in waste classification in Hangzhou in recent years.

Binjiang District Urban Management Bureau attaches great importance to waste classification and sets 150 groups of classified waste bins. They placed rubbish classified labels in eye-catching places, set up six sets of waste sorting guide signs, and strengthened the education, publicity and guidance of rubbish classification. Wang Xiaobin, chief of City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Department, introduced that a cleaning person is assigned to every 2-3 grouped bins. Apart from promptly disposing of scattered rubbish on the road, he also serves as a rubbish sorting supervisor, guiding people to put rubbish in the rubbish bins with correct color; if garbage is found not properly placed, the garbage will be sorted in time to facilitate the subsequent disposal of the garbage.

The rubbish produced during this festival has been treated in a correct and efficient way. The recyclable rubbish is recycled and reused. The foods and kitchen wastes are converted into fertilizer and diesel, and other garbage is burned to generate electricity and made into bricks. Green festivals, green living, and green city. We hope that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will create an environment-friendly animation festival.



"The Most Beautiful Princess Embrace" Reavels Tough Men's Tenderness


During this year's international festival in China, two policemen suddenly became the “Web   Celebrity” in the eyes of many people.

The first "Web Celebrity" is known by many as the "most beautiful princess embrace". On the first day of the holiday, a little girl wearing a COSPLAY clothes suddenly looked pale and curled up on the floor crying. Although there are many on-site spectators, they did not know what to do. Police officers Huang Kai and Jiang Qiwen, who were on duty in the nearby police station, found that the girl was out of conditionin the right situation and rushed to help.

“At the time we arrived there, the little girl was sweaty. She looked like a pupil. She had a friend next to her pulling a suitcase but she didn’t know what to do. I asked her where she feels painful, the girl said she had a stomachache and she didn’t have strength to speak.”

The location where this girl got sick is the top floor of Hall B. It is a place for Coser to freely take photos. Because there was no direct elevator, Huang Kai and Jiang Qiwen discussed the matter and prepared to assist the young girl to go downstairs. However, before arriving at the escalator, the girl squated down and leaned against Huang Kai.

"I asked her if I could lift you to my chest. The little girl nodded and said yes. Jiang Qiwen just opened the way in front of me and let everyone leave the space for us to run downstairs. When I couldn't hold her anymore, I would exchange it with my colleagues. He came to hold, and I walked in front."Huang Kai recalled.

When the visitors saw this urgent situation, all of them keep the passage clear. From the fourth floor to the temporary medical center on the first floor, it took less than two or three minutes. The doctor at the scene quickly found out that the girl had an acute appendicitis and she needed immediate medical treatment. What the two policemen did not expect was that the photo of these two people holding the girl for urgent rescues was uploaded on the Internet. This action has also become the “most beautiful princess embrace” that many people forwarded and liked on the Internet.


The Story behind the Most Beautiful "Periphery"


The successful completion of this year's animation festival cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the relevant departments at all levels.

The Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department and the Festival Office carefully planned and organized various thematic activities, and actively play a leading role in coordination with relevant cooperation units . High-tech (Binjiang) District devoted to the construction of the main venue and the beautiful scenery, good environment and strong atmosphere of White Horse Lake.

Xiaoshan District has laid a solid foundation and provided a strong guarantee for the international game business conference.

Municipal Public Security Bureau accumulatively input more than 20,000 security forces, and completed security activities for the animation festival. The City Traffic Police Bureau accumulatively dispatched more than 2,400 policemen to conduct on-site command, guiding various vehicles of 24,000 vehicle-times to guarantee the orderly operation of traffic for various activities of the animation festival.

The Municipal Fire Bureau conducted a total of more than 120 inspections and eliminated 42 safety hazards to ensure the fire safety of the main venue of the animation festival.

The Municipal Urban Management Committee strengthened environmental protection and order maintenance, dispatched 5,536 person-times, 915 vehicle-times, and accumulatively guided 6,610 people.

The Municipal Health and Planning Commission dispatched 36 medical staff, a total of 162 person-times, and rescued a total of 179 wounded people, providing protection for the personal safety of the participants.

The Municipal Youth League Committee has arranged more than 1,000 volunteers to provide more than 2,300 volunteers for animation festivals, and the total service hours reached more than 40,000 hours.

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized 270 food supervisors to ensure food safety at the festival. The Municipal Communications Bureau has arranged more than 1,100 professionals, dispatched more than 390 vehicles, accumulated 18,000 bicycles, and managed the shared bicycles.

The City Bus Group has dispatched a total of 837 vehicles, input more than 1,500 people, sent 9,467 trips, and safely transported 304,371 passengers.

The Metro Group transported more than 220,000 passengers to and from the Anime Festival, and the security of public transportation for the animation festival was orderly. Hangzhou Telecom, Hangzhou Mobile, and Hangzhou Unicom each expanded their communications capacity to 90,000, 250,000, and 230,000, and input a total of 5 emergency telecommunications vehicles and 238 on-site maintenance and back-office service personnel to ensure smooth on-site communications.

In addition, the districts, counties (cities) of 10 branch venues, and the Municipal Cultural, Broadcasting and News Bureau, Municipal Bureaus of Safety Supervision and other departments also actively cooperate seamlessly. The close cooperation among the members of the Executive Committee and other relevant departments at all levels has created a strong work force for the success of this festival.


The Most Beautiful Young Policewoman Amazed People This Season


In the animation festival scene, a young policewoman’s photo was suddenly forwarded by many people: “The Young policewoman born in 1997 and her teammates were sticking to their posts.” The picture shows a young girl dressed in police uniform, with a handsome appearance and firm eyes, which leaves deep impression to many people.

After many reporters inquiries, the little policewoman was finally found, in fact, she is junior student Wei Mengdi and majors in Public Security (public opinion management direction) at Zhejiang Police Academy . At this year's Animation Festival, she and many classmates performed security tasks at the White Horse Lake Convention and Exhibition Center as supporting forces.

“On animation festival of this year, I performed a total of three days of security at White Horse Lake. I have to maintain the order of the passenger flowing inside and outside the stadium, even though the daily tasks are different. I remember many Cosers wearing long skirts walking up and down the stairs unsafely, so we would take special care of them. We would pay more attenion and offer more adivice. As for animation signing session, we are especially tired, because everyone's enthusiasm is very high, we have to spend more energy."

A few days ago, the security work ended and we were back to school. The students told her that Wei Mengdi became “celebrity”! "I'm not a celebrity, and it's our normal work." She still feels embarrassed about this matter.

"I used to come to the animation festival before, but participated as a spectator. I am very proud that the animation festival is getting bigger every year and I can join in as a police officer."

In fact, these two police officers are just a microcosm of the animation festival’s public security work. The reporter learned from the public security department that during the animation festival, the Binjiang Public Security Bureau input a total of more than 4,000 security police officers and the Shangcheng Public Security Bureau input 870 police officers to solve a lot of problems for the audience, sticking to their posts for safety of the activities.

Every year, the animation festival just like a small holiday, the weather is hot and the passenger flow is large, and the safety and security pressure of the White Horse Lake Plaza is not small. This year, the Baima Lake Symposium of the animation festival hosted a total of 362,800 person-times. The number of visitors per day was a record high, reaching 111,000. The Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched more security forces for the animation festival and with their “escort”, people have more fun and peace.


Someone Should Say that We Are the Best COSER


According to Chai Haohao, supervisor of the Hangzhou Fire-fighting Puyan Squadron, in each year’s Anime Festival, Binjiang Fire Protection, as the host, will send two fire engines to the scene to perform the duties. This is a common practice in these years.

Because the preparations for the animation festival are very well done, usually there will be no fire. Therefore, in addition to regular patrols, we have basically spent anime festivals in fire engines.

For firefighters, their job is not the same as that of public security police. When there is no rescue and no fire during the animation festival, it is the best news. Of course, behind the peace, there is also the merit of the fire officer. During the installation of the animation festival, the fire officers will come to the scene for several times to conduct safety inspections and give safety recommendations for the exhibition to avoid invisible fire safety hazards.

"But there are also some 'Surprising' things. There was a time when we patrolled the road with a water gun. Someone unexpectedly said to us, "You see, they are even cosplaying firefighters! Even the fire engines got in. This role playing is too professional!"

At first, the fire fighters were stunned after listening, and later thought, a group of people in orange rescue suits was really a group of “eye-catching” people at the scene. No wonder they would be mistaken for people in role-playing. This misunderstanding also made them laugh for a few days.