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Thursday, 3 May 2018



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中国国际动漫节节展办公室 杭州日报 第103期

CICAF Office,  Hangzhou Daily, No.103


Extend 14th CICAF effect

Create a never-ending animation festival 



On May 1, the 14th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) held a briefing on the achievement of the event. A message was sent at the meeting: Though the six-day animation festival was over, the splendor of CICAF will continue. Hangzhou is to create a never-ending animation festival.


建立网上动漫平台 让动漫交易永不落幕

Build online animation platform for never-ending animation trading



At the animation festival, CICAF Office and Alibaba signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides would take advantage of their respective industry experience and competitive resources to carry out in-depth cooperation in festival & exhibition and industry.


节展合作是通过建立“国漫新零售”网上动漫平台,为动漫企业和IP 提供线上销售流量、线下展示体验,打通线上线下壁垒,建立互通机制,设立动漫专属节日,打造永不落幕的动漫节。

The festival and exhibition cooperation is to provide animation companies and IP with online sales flow, offline display experience, through the establishment of the "Chinese animation new retail" online platform. It will break down the online and offline barriers, establishes an interaction mechanism , set up an exclusive animation festival , to create a never-ending animation festival.



Industrial cooperation is to strive to establish the "Hangzhou model" for the animation industry in the new era. Government and enterprise cooperation, and integration of resources are to promote the growth and development of animation enterprises, provide the convenience for the country’s excellent animation enterprises to settle in Hangzhou, and give corresponding policy support through the use and analysis of data. At the same time, it will work with the industry guidance organs and Alibaba to jointly release the Chinese Animation Industry White Paper.



In the future, CICAF will be a never-ending animation festival. By breaking down the online and offline barriers, establishing an interaction mechanism, it will realize never-ending deals, and provide incessant consumption of animation culture. In the future, CICAF will be an animation festival for more high-quality animation companies to showcase their products. The "Chinese animation new retail" online platform will select excellent animation companies to participate in the exhibition. It will increase the strength in the selection of businesses for the festival and exhibition, and also provide enterprises with the IP incubation platform. In the future, CICAF will be a more intelligent animation festival under the guidance of big data. With data acquisition and precipitation, it will analyze the online and offline population and transactions, and guide the development of the festival in a scientific and effective way. In the future, CICAF will be an animation festival to boost the national animation shows. It will radiate the whole country from Hangzhou, driving the development of the national animation industry.


营造全城动漫氛围 让动漫文化永不落幕

Create citywide animation atmosphere, let the animation culture never fall


中国国际动漫节在杭州已经走过14 年,一届届闪亮的纪录刷新、中外交流丰硕成果的收获,让根植于本土却带着国际基因的动漫文化,在这座历史古城中生发出的二次元创意新生,渗透了杭州人民的美好生活,也成为杭州城市文化软实力的一部分。

CICAF has been held in Hangzhou for 14 years. The shining records and fruitful exchanges between China and foreign countries in each session has let the animation culture rooted in the native land with international genes, realize creative 2D rebirth in this historic city. It has permeated in the beautiful life of the people of Hangzhou, and become a part of the soft power of Hangzhou city culture.


继今年推出动漫地铁站、动漫地铁专列、动漫城市家居等系列主题工作后,本届动漫节首次开通了动漫公交专线,投入20 多辆动漫公交车为参观动漫节的市民提供免费接送服务。这些项目节后将全年坚持呈现,努力让动漫融入城市生活,让生活更加快乐美好。

Following the introduction of a series of thematic works including the animation subway station, animation subway train, and animation city homes this year, this animation festival opened the animation bus line for the first time. It invested more than 20 animation buses to provide free shuttle service for people visiting the festival. These projects will persist throughout the year after the festival, to integrate animation into the city life and make life happier and more beautiful.


除了一年一度的中国国际动漫节,杭州还有贯穿全年的COSPLAY 文化节,让年轻人的COS 装扮经常能有展示表演的机会;还有西湖漫画明信片大赛、我是动漫王大赛、青少年漫画大赛等各类赛事;还有深受年轻人喜爱的电竞峰会等新的活动项目培育……

In addition to the annual CICAF, Hangzhou has the year-round COSPLAY cultural festival, letting young people's COS costumes often have the chance to show. There are also the West Lake Comic Postcard Contest, I am the Animation King Contest, and the Youth Cartoon Contest. There are also cultivation of new events such as the E-sports Summit, popular among young people.



Animation, My city. Animation, My life. -- In Hangzhou, this is not only a slogan, but also an idea, which permeates into the characteristic culture of the whole city, and lets Hangzhou become the real "animation capital" of China.


倡导公益传递正能量 让城市文明永不落幕

Advocate public welfare, transfer positive energy, let urban civilization never end


本届动漫节除了收获产业成果之外,同样让人骄傲的是杭州市民和游客在观展中所呈现的文明素质:连续六天的中国国际动漫节,30 余万人次参观,虽然动漫节现场人山人海,却井然有序,现场环境整洁,垃圾不落地。中外嘉宾和媒体赞誉:这应该是中国最干净的一场大型节展。

In addition to harvesting industrial achievements, the proud thing with the animation festival was that Hangzhou residents and tourists showed high cultural and ethical quality while visiting the exhibition. In six days in a row, more than 300,000 people visited CICAF. Though the scene was full of people, evrything was in order. The site was clean, without any garbage left. Chinese and foreign guests and media praised it was the cleanest big festival and exhibition in China.



The “most beautiful things” in the White Horse Lake Animation Square were more than that. The Chinese and foreign volunteers at the smiling pavilions offered attentive services to visitors. Traffic police and fire worked hard to ensure the safety of the venue. The sanitation workers, with their hands, took care of this animation paradise.... The staff workers sticking to their posts not only extended the achievements of the festival and exhibition, but also displayed the spiritual style of Hangzhou, a deep-rooted "civilized city" over the years.



In this animation festival, Hangzhou "West Lake Animation" animation game public benefit alliance was established. Next, more famous animation artists and companies will be organized to go into schools, the countryside, the communities, to fasten the first button of life for children with animation. They are to spread public welfare and civilization, advocate social positive energy, and promote socialist core values with animation.



Impression of CICAF



CICAF has been successfully held for 13 sessions. Over the past 13 years, the animation festival has been innovating and upgrading. After 13 years of accumulation, it has been more effective in industry and more international in style. It has become an important platform to promote the prosperity and development of the animation industry, as well as a grand gathering for the exchanges of ideas, communication of creativity, and common development of animation counterparts from all over the world.



The most important thing for Chinese animation is to do well in creation with great concentration. To do well in animation creation, we must have "four hearts": love, childlike innocence, responsibility and patience. Chinese animation is stepping into the best times. People in the animation circles should take advantage of the situation and work hard to create a bright future for Chinese animation.



-Gao Changli (Director of the publicity department of the State Administration of Radio and Television)



Fourteen years ago, CICAF came into the world like a newborn baby. It sucked the essence of the West Lake and gathered inspirations of all directions. Bathed in flowering, rainy seasons, it has finally grown into a graceful beautiful maiden.



Hangzhou enjoys great staying power. It has accelerated its pace to lead the whole country, and even run abroad. Today, she is the host of the largest animation festival in China, the "benchmark" of animation festivals and exhibitons in the country. It has surpassed China's Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even gone beyond Japan and Republic of Korea, to host the largest animation show in Asia, in terms of the number of exhibitors, area of pavilions, number of visitors, scale of exhibition, and quantity of works. In former days, the West Lake banks were filled with people enjoying songs and dances in spring breeze. Today, they swarm to the White Horse Lake for viewing animation works. The sun rises and the river flushes like fire. When spring arrives, the river water is bluishly green. As we recall animation, Hangzhou is the most memorable.



_ Zhong Luming (Executive chairman of Guangdong Animation Association )



CICAF has come to its fourteenth session this year. Over the past 14 years, Hangzhou Animation has successfully set up the bright benchmark as “the first in the country”. In addition, it is making full efforts towards a world-class international animation festival. The results are obvious to all. Hangzhou Animation's great popularity and quality has absolutely let the participants feel one thing: “attitude”. Let's work together, Cheer up. Hangzhou is the capital of Chinese animation. There is no doubt.



Chen Zhihua (Director of Taiwan Animation Association)



Chinese culture is broad and profound, It may become a source of inspiration for my creation. I am looking forward to telling the “Chinese stories” in my way.



——Lee Unkrich (Coco director, Vice President of Planning, Pixar Animation Studio)


如果说《至爱梵高》带给我们什么特别的收获,其中之一就是它让我们来到了杭州,加入了这场国际动漫盛会。我们将这幅2 米长的画捐赠给了中国动漫博物馆,象征着我们和杭州结下缘分。

If there Loving Vincent could bring us any special harvest, one of them is it brought us to Hangzhou to join this international animation event. We donated this two-meter-long painting to the China Animation Museum, symbolizing our fate with Hangzhou.



-Lukash Gordon (Chief snimation designer of Loving Vincent)



I'm surprised that Hatsune Miku is so popular in China. I have a good impression of this city when I come to Hangzhou this time. The animation industry here is very mature. There are also many excellent artists and creators. China could also create a role like Hatsune Miku. I like Hangzhou very much. If I have a chance, I will come here for this year's concert.


Hiroyuki Itoh (father of the famous Japanese virtual character "Hatsune Miku")



Media voice


动漫产业是朝阳产业,是国际通用的文化语言,也是文化“走出去”的新载体。本届动漫节更加国际化,被称为“动画界奥斯卡”的法国昂西国际动画电影节等11 个世界知名的动漫节展主办方和执行机构将齐聚杭州,参加国际动漫联盟杭州峰会。——人民日报

The animation industry is a sunrise industry, an international common cultural language, and a new carrier of culture to "go global". This animation festival is more internationalized. The organizers and implementing agencies of 11 world famous animation festivals, including Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy, known as “Oscars in Animation”, will gather in Hangzhou to attend the Hangzhou Summit of the International Animation Alliance. ——People's Daily



The 14th CICAF opened, showing the new trend of Chinese animation, from highlighting scale to quality. The launch of the animation subway train allows passengers to experience the charm of Chinese animation in travel. ——CCTV



The 14th CICAF was inaugurated. The Animation Circle of Friends shows the international norm.——Zhejiang Satellite TV


国际动漫精英云集杭州,动漫之都吸睛更吸金。国漫取经国际,聚焦IP 发展;杭州冀打造“动漫之都”与“永不落幕的动漫节”。——香港经济日报

International animation elites have gathered in Hangzhou. The animation capital attracts attention and money. Chinese animation learns from international peers, focusing on IP development. Hangzhou expects to build itself into an "animation capital" and "never-ending animation festival." ——Hong Kong Economic Times



Comments of netizens



The annual animation festival is something every Hangzhou child can't miss. Although I was ill, I came to catch a late set. After all, it's gonna take a year if I miss it. I don't want my child to grow up missing a year's memory.——Net user "Clean Mommy"


一想到动漫节已经办了十四届,就觉得太厉害了!希望动漫节能一直办下去,做一块杭州的活招牌。——徐yoyo今年动漫节推出了IP 展位,作为一个游戏迷,是必须要到场打卡耍一圈的,我和朋友在现场玩了VR游戏,简直刺激到爆。——网友“Lucas打遍天下”

At the thought that the animation festival has been held for 14 years, I simply think it's awesome. I hope the animation festival can keep going, to be a brand of Hangzhou. ——Xu Yoyo launched an IP booth at this year's animation festival. As a game fan, I have to be there to play around. My friends and I played VR on the scene, and it was so exciting.——Net user “Lucas Fights All Over the World”.



I've been to a lot of places to tour shows. I have to say that Hangzhou's exhibition is really professional. As a Hangzhou resident, I am really proud to have such a national exhibition. That's great, my Hangzhou.——Net user “Happy Li Haha”