CICAF Selected the Best Photos
Photos Collected Worldwide, Reviewed by WPP Judges

2018-07-17 03:30:32

At the 10th day countdown to the 14th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF), the organizers launched a worldwide collection of “the most wonderful pictures of the animation festival”, inviting Chinese and foreign photographers and animation lovers to capture the beauty of animation with lens, find the beauty of animation with eyes, and experience the beauty of animation with souls.


It might be the largest-scale photo collection activity for the animation festival. Chinese photographers signed up through CICAF official website and, while overseas animation lovers participated via the overseas social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. By 15:00 on May 29th, a total of 21,354 photos were collected, which made us return to the 2D world as if on board the time machine.


It could be the highest standard photo selection for an animation festival. A honoured jury was established for the selection, composed by Wang Shendun, a judge of World Press Photo (WPP) and senior independent photographer; Yong He, vice chairman of China Photographers Association and senior news photographer; Zhang Youguo, vice chairman of Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles; Fu Yongjun, founder and twice WPP winner; and Zhu Qi, director of the photography department of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. They unanimously agreed to award the highest prize to Tang Yi, a photographer known as “the son of Qiantang” in the cyberspace.

Wang Shendun commented that since the award winner would obtain 50,000 yuan fund for artistic creation, and spend a year to record the wonderful moments of Hangzhou, the "capital of animation", and promote the city to the world, it was not just an issue of documentary, but also involved creativity. The series of photos by “the Son of Qiantang” had his own ideas and great creativity.


In addition to Tang Yi from Hangzhou, some foreign photographers also won awards, who recorded the exciting moments of the animation festival from a unique perspective.