From OEM for Japan to co-production of animation IP with Alibaba

2018-08-06 03:11:57

The Young Eagles Program is an incubation plan put forward by Hangzhou Cultural Creativity Industry Office for animation game companies in the city of Hangzhou. In the second stop, we paid a visit to Hangzhou Jiande Yuge Co. Ltd. to see how the animation company developed from an OEM producer to the creator of original IPs.


This small company, in fact, hides great capacity. It is involved in the production of familiar phenomenal animated films, including One Piece, Detective Conan, and NARUTO. The company's founder, Chen Yuechun, tried a lot to develop sound IPs, and was disappointed with the results. It changed in 2012 when Internet animation began to rise, and Chen felt the opportunity came. 

In 2014, Alibaba Literature found Chen and wanted to develop IPs with Yuge Animation. Alibaba would be responsible for authorization, and Yuge for production. “That's a good way for win-win cooperation. We chimed in easily with Alibaba.” 

Yuge Animation adopted the independently developed paperless technology to draw animation IPs. The works are produced on the Internet and mobile terminal platforms on the basis of big data collection. They are developed, launched and promoted in stages, abandoning the traditional mode of animation production featuring full investment, high risk and long cycle, while preferring the flexible operation mode with controllable risk, strong market pertinence and short development cycle. Over the years, Yuge Animation has developed such excellent works as Yita World -- Light of Darkness, Big Shoes and Keep Running Football. 

Yuge Animation comes at a crucial moment of takeoff. The introduction of the Young Eagles Program gives it strong confidence. “We small and medium-sized enterprises do neither lack strength, nor courage. We are short of opportunities and resources. The Young Eagles Program has enabled us to see Hangzhou’s real help to animation companies. It comes just in time.”