Hangzhou Animation Continues to Lead Country in Semi-Annual Evaluation

2018-11-06 08:35:24

The National Radio and Television Administration recently released a circular on recommending excellent domestic TV animated programs in the second quarter of 2018. It confirmed 11 domestic TV cartoon programs, including Star Dream Season II, as the recommended excellent programs of the second quarter of 2018. Three of them came from Hangzhou, the first in the country in the number of recommended works.

In the first quarter of this year, out of the 12 national recommended excellent works, three also came from Hangzhou. In the first half of 2018, Hangzhou topped all cities in the country with six animation masterpieces, building the golden brand of Hangzhou as the animation capital with strength.

In the first six months, Hangzhou animation game industry also showed great strength. By the end of June, Hangzhou animation game companies produced 551 episodes of animation series, totaling 7,293 minutes, 6 animated films, 73 comic books issuing 2.12 million copies, and more than 300 game products. They had a gross output value of 18.882 billion yuan, including animation output value of 124 million yuan, and paid 2.086 billion yuan taxes, a steady rise over the same period last year.


The six recommended works are


The Legend of Qin V Sequence, Sparkly Key Animation Studio

Oolong Courtyard: Legend of Buffoon, Hangzhou Ynuo Animation Co. Ltd.

A.U's Pains, Hangzhou A.U Cultural Creativity Co. Ltd.

The Return of the Eye, Zhejiang Zoland Animation Co. Ltd.

Luo Bao Bei Season III, Hangzhou Magic Mall Animation Production Co. Ltd.

Seven Killings, Zhejiang Huace Film and Television Co. Ltd.