"The Most Beautiful Hangzhou" in Children's Cartoons enters the Seventh Session

2018-11-06 08:45:28

This year, the Hangzhou West Lake Postcard Contest has come to the seventh session. Over 200 high schools, primary schools and fine arts institutions in Hangzhou entered the contest, with nearly 10,000 selected works.

The theme of this year’s contest is "Home in Qiantang". Taking postcards as a carrier, it allows children to give full play to imagination to paint the beautiful scenes of West Lake in their eyes, and tell the most beautiful Hangzhou stories in their hearts with painting brushes.


The preliminary evaluation was concluded recently, admitting 189 works for the finals (132 works from primary schools and 57 from high schools). The judges were impressed by their unrestrained creativity full of childlike fun. Li Fang, a senior art teacher from Hangzhou basic education research office, said “There are so many good works that I can hardly tear myself away from them. I’d like to recommend each of them.” 


The finals of the contest will be held at the West Lake Museum on October 27. The shortlisted children will start a live painting competition for final results.