Shunxin Culture Resolves to Win Audience with Animation in an Instant

2018-11-06 08:58:05

Recently, the “Eaglet Project” visited Shunxin Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (Shunxin Culture). A cutting-edge company, Shunxin Culture has successfully levered the new growth point of the animation game economy with sound and derivatives, thanks to the favorable atmosphere of the "animation capital".

Tang Xuan, a post-85s executive director of Shunxin Culture, grew up by watching animated cartoons. During her study abroad, she developed a huge interest in seiyuu, or voice actor, believing it was a magical profession. Obsessed with the idea of starting with seiyuu, she joined with like-minded partners to set up Shunxin Culture after returning home. She settled the company in Hangzhou, because in addition to her identity as a local resident, she took a fancy to the atmosphere of the "animation capital" for cultivating enterprises and entrepreneurship.

During the 13th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF), Shunxin Culture was officially attached to the great event, holding a special strategic press conference. In the 14th CICAF, Shunxin Culture hosted the seiyuu contest and Ye Sheng (folk song) festa animation concert, adding a wonderful stroke to the animation festival.

In the eyes of Shunxin Culture, “without perfect sounds, no good plays can come out.” To better segment the market, and let the professionals do professional things, Shunxin Culture set up Shunxin Youyou, to take full responsibility for tapping the seiyuu business. Shunxin Youyou is concerned far more than dubbing. It embraces an ambition to develop the seiyuu agent business. The performers signed to the company are in the pyramid structure. Those at the top of the hierarchy are big shots in the Chinese dubbing sector, such as Shang Hong, Shen Lei and Huang Ying. The familiar voices of Bai Zihua in The Journey of Flower, Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, and Locki in Marvel's The Avengers are all dubbed by them. In addition to seiyuu agent, Shunxin Culture has set eyes on derivatives development. In the spirit of making the best products, Shunxin Culture set up Sunxin Interactive Entertainment, a copyright derivatives brand hosting platform taking design as the core driving force. It has solicited international masters including MAGICIAN·MARK, BIILY WONG and Li Jialin to escort designs.