Animation Giant XTone Settles in Hangzhou

2018-11-06 09:03:49

Frog Leon, Cobopanda, Cute Bear -- do you know these popular emoticon animation images of WeChat are all from animation company XTone? Now, XTone, one of those in possession of the largest number of animation copyright images in the country, has officially settled down in the city of Hangzhou.

XTone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of listed company Sunriver Culture, is one of the earliest large companies in Chinese mainland to engage in the mobile phone animation business. It has prospered in the first matrix of Chinese mobile phone animation sector. It officially went public in 2015. After a decade of rapid expansion in the city of Xiamen, it has accumulated many famous IP images. Its business covers new media animation, animation games, and animation education. It is a national level animation enterprise certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance.

The company owns more than 1,200 image IP copyrights, covering such products as emoticons, comic strips, animated short films, hand-drawn maps and cartoon books. Among them, cumulative downloads of original WeChat emoticons have exceeded 10 million, and Sogou input emoticons are forwarded over 23 million times. It has more than 15 million subscribers, and has produced more than 10,000 minutes of animation works. The works have won various major competition awards.

To date, the company has started to lay out animation business in Hangzhou. Hangzhou, known for its advantages in the Internet, cultural creativity, tourism and digital reading, will contribute to its further development. Next, revolving around the ecological chain foundation of "Internet culture + Internet finance", the company will tap the animation IP full industry chain by taking "content + channel" as the main advantage, the cultural creativity and tourism animation business as the core, and the Internet finance and technology business as coordination. Through scenarizing the animation IPs, and breaking through the cultural creativity, tourism and animation industry chain, it strives to create a pan-entertainment industry chain integrating the four elements of cultural creativity, animation, film and tourism.