“I Am the King of Animation” to Celebrate 10th Anniversary, Join Our Party!

2018-11-16 01:16:59

At 10 a.m. November 17, a grand ceremony will be held for the 10th Master-Apprentice Connection of the “I Am the King of Animation”. Six cartoonists will come to the scene. And the LED large screen will display the top 100 works.

After waiting so long, the organizers will finally usher in the climax of the 10th “I Am the King of Animation”.

At 10 a.m. of November 17, Hangzhou Daily, along with Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education and China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) Organizing Committee, will jointly hold a ceremony for the Master-Apprentice Connection activity, a major event of the 10th “I Am the King of Animation”, at the White Pagoda Park.

The Master-Apprentice Connection activity will also be the 10th birthday party of “I Am the King of Animation”. It doesn't matter if you are unable to be present. Hangzhou+APP, the city’s leading news client service,will webcast the whole process. Who can win the six quotas? We’re waiting with you for the wonderful moment!

Now, let's visit the preparatory group to explore the mystery of this activity. We’ll start with some wonderful highlights for you.


Highlight I: Who will be the apprentices of the six famous cartoonists?

Every year, the disciple ceremony is the most attractive part of the “I Am the King of Animation” activity. After all, it is a rare opportunity to become an apprentice of a famous cartoonist.

This year marks the 10th birthday of “I Am the King of Animation”. We set aside six quotas to give more opportunities for children to have access to famous cartoonists and get more professional understanding of cartoons.

So, this activity has invited CICAF's old friend, famous cartoonist Nie Jun. Nie rose to fame when Comix’s King was just published. His works Diu Diu and My Street were well received by readers, and won the Kodansha “Manga Open” Award in Japan in 2003.

In addition to Nie Jun, Ageme, a forerunner of Chinese Healing School Comics, and creator of the "Dao Dao Dog" cartoon image, will also come to the scene. The image of Dao Dao Dog that he created has accompanied many people in their growth, and will continue to warm the hearts of more people.

Meanwhile, we have also invited two emerging cartoonists, Kong Zao and Su Mi. There are two other mysterious guests who will be unveiled at the scene.

The six cartoonists will take their apprentices and become their true teachers through reviewing and selecting the top 10 works, and communicating with the candidates on the site. The contestants will surely be full of gains by then!


Highlight II: Come to the party to celebrate the 10th anniversary

While the first half is the suspense with the Master-Apprentice Connection activity, the second half will be equally worth looking forward to! “I Am the King of Animation”, one of the important brand activities of CICAF, is to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. We will hold a warm and sweet birthday celebration at the scene!

Cartoonists will send their blessings for the 10th anniversary. All the contestants of the previous sessions will share with us changes brought by “I Am the King of Animation” in their growth and the impacts of animation on their daily lives. All the participants will be invited to share a tailored birthday cake for “I Am the King of Animation”. So, remember to come and eat the cake with us.


Highlight III: Exhibit top 100 works of the year in LED screen

This activity will give enough space to display works for children who love to paint. We will show continuously this year's top 100 works in the exhibition area through a big LED screen, adding dynamic and scientific feelings to the top 100 works. In addition to the cartoon exhibition, we will also arrange a photo area, decorated with hot-air balloons and other gorgeous ornaments. Press the shooting button, you will be the most fashionable in your circle of friends! Come and take photos with your favorite works or scenes.

At present, the cartoon exhibition area and photo area have been ready just waiting for you!


Highlight IV: Kick off animation bus roadshows and education base

At the event site, we will also launch the animation bus roadshows and selection of characteristic cultural bases for "I Am the King of Animation" city animation.

In October, we held a roadshow of "I Am the King of Animation" with five buses full of the animation elements by the West Lake, to promote the Hangzhou animation brand, and let local residents and tourists feel the power of Hangzhou animation!

The five buses for the roadshow were printed with 50 works of children painters. The bus bodies were themed with CICAF mascot Le Le, while the hand-drawn cartoons on the seat backs were works of the top 10 contestants of "I Am the King of Animation", integrated with CICAF elements. Thus a packaging solution was designed for each bus, including the body, front, rear and roof of the vehicles. Each bus is unique. They are to be new attractions by the West Lake in the future.

At the same time, we will launch on the scene the selection of "I Am the King of Animation" city animation characteristic cultural bases. The bases will take advantage of the "I am the Animation King" brand to bring the animation culture into the city. The first batch of the "city animation characteristic cultural education bases" will unite Hangzhou animation game businesses to effectively integrate universities and the industry, make animation culture life-oriented, and animation life happy-oriented, so as to jointly promote the development of the animation culture.

If you're interested in the ceremony with our spoilers, remember to open the Hangzhou+APP next Saturday, to witness the emergence of the lucky guys, and give thumbs-up for the 10th birthday of "I am the Animation King"!