Were You There for Hangzhou Gala Party Before Double Eleven Shopping Spree?

2018-11-16 01:19:12

On November 10, it finally cleared up after a week of rain. Despite it was Saturday, 15,000 people got up early, heading for the Fisherman's Wharf Ecological Park in Hangzhou. Pictures tell the truth. What were they doing over there? The answer is --


At 8 a.m. of November 10, the 2018 International (Hangzhou) Trailwalk Conference, co-sponsored by the Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Committee under the Hangzhou CPPCC Committee, Hangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) Organizing Committee, and Hangzhou Office for Coordination of Exhibition Industry Development, was held at the Fisherman's Wharf Ecological Park. Over 10,000 people got together for hiking in the city of Hangzhou. This session of the mass sports event for health and vitality took animation as a companion, civilized and courteous. All the way were good views of Hangzhou. The following are cartoons showing the fun of the trailwalk.


To make the trailwalk funnier, the official TikTok account of CICAF, Animation Capital of Hangzhou, released the topic #Let's have fun with trailwalk at the conference the exclusive topic for the animation trailwalk. It attracted trailwalk participants to enjoy the process and win cute animation gifts.



Special animation eggs were arranged for this year's animation trailwalk. An "animation runway," laid out with thousands of award winning works of the Hangzhou West Lake postcard contest, greeted the arrival of the walkers by the most beautiful Qiantang River.


Du Junying, a fifth-grade pupil who won the West Lake postcard contest, came to the scene, and was interviewed by reporters. She held her cartoon in the hand, which was a portrait of swimming champion Fu Yuanhui. She liked Fu's confidence and optimism, especially what she uttered after a competition: “I've been utilizing prehistorical powers.” She conveyed the positive and optimistic spirit with the cartoon of Fu.


This year's animation trailwalk terminus was still fairly interactive and popular. The trailwalk contestants took group photos in the funny animation podium in succession. The “animation cheering podium” boosted the morale of the 15th CICAF. All sorts of cheering interactions at the terminus, including cute animation selfie frames, puppets for group photo, and leaving doodles at the animation doodle wall, left a good memory with participants of the trailwalk.



To everyone's surprise, this year’s animation trailwalk gave special treatment to female and minor players. Players who had completed the competition with certificates could get a special bonus at the animation counter -- a theme gift of classic Chinese comic IP "Oolong Yuan", exclusively sponsored by Hangzhou Ynuo Culture and Creativity Co., Ltd.  There were not only delicious animation snacks, but also the cool Oolong Yuan environment-friendly bags.


Animation trailwalk is designed to advocate cultural progress. In this year's trailwalk event, the CICAF mascot Le Le led animation and cartoon puppets and COSERs to urge everyone to "pick up civilization with our hands" on the spot: A culturally advanced city is not without rubbish, but without littering. Civility was passed down again in a big event in Hangzhou. Click on the video below to feel it!