Ten Years Old! "I am the King of Animation" Creative Cartoon Contest Ends in Great Success

2018-11-30 02:33:45

On November 17, a ceremony was held in Hangzhou for apprentices to honor their masters. As a part of the activities of the 10th “I am the King of Animation” Creative Cartoon Competition for Teenagers, the event was co-organized by Hangzhou Daily, Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, and China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Organizing Committee.

This year marks the 10th birthday of "I am the King of Animation". Over the years, it has accompanied the growth of 150,000 children who love cartoons and animation. Some of the teenagers have become professional cartoonists, while others love life more because of painting. Each year, the ceremony to honor the masters at the end of the contest is a highlight. This time, six famous cartoonists, who are Tsai Chih Chung, Nie Jun, Ageme, Ba Bu, Gong Zao, Su Mi, came to the scene to “interview” the candidates and select their favorite disciples.


Ten years have passed. How are the children who participated in the “I am the King of Animation” contest, and formally took the masters as their teachers?

Before the contest for the top 10, three former “kings” of animation, Fu Jiawen, Cai Herui and Feng Jianyue, came to the event scene. They were pupils when attending the contest. Now they are studying design and animation in the China Academy of Art. Feng Jianyue thanked “I am the King of Animation” for accompanying him over the past 10 years on the stage. He also expressed his feelings about engaging in animation. “At that time, I told my teacher that I only wanted to do one thing I love all my life. After going to college, I have realized that even if I only paint all my life, I am not sure I can do it well. There are many things worth exploring on this road.”

At the Master-Apprentice Connection ceremony, Tsai Chih Chung made comments on the stage, “I have taken a lot of apprentices since 2009. In the process, many gave up halfway because of academic or parental reasons. I’ve always believed that education background is a bronze medal, and ability is more important. What if one reads with a doctoral degree? I read more than 1,000 extra-curricular books at your age. I would also like to tell my disciples that painting is not important at all. The content ismore crucial. Read more for inspirations!” He also told the contestants not to take the award as a milestone in life, as the road ahead is still long.

Nie Jun said he was glad to see a growing display of undisguised quality and boundless imagination in the contestants' works. Such purity was essential for the success of creation. “This is actually my standard accepting disciples,” he said with a smile.

In 2009, Hangzhou Daily cooperated with the Hangzhou Festival and Exhibition Office to hold the first session of “I am the King of Animation”.

In 2010, “I am the King of Animation” was formally integrated with China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, to become the most authoritative, influential event in the animation industry in China.

In 2011, “I am the King of Animation” was fully upgraded to add the resurrection match. Famous cartoonists Tsai Chih Chung and Huang Yulang personally accepted disciples.

Tsai Chih Chung, born in 1948, is an old friend of “I am the King of Animation”. His cartoons of simple lines and Zen meanings, and his works such as Zhuangzi and Laozi are famous all over the world.

“I have been to many cities at home and abroad, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Bali, Vancouver.... None of these places are attractive enough to make me stay. But Hangzhou is different. Since the first year, I have lived here for more than 300 days every year,” said Tsai Chih Chung. Hangzhou is the city that he has seen giving the greatest support to the cultural and creative industry. He can feel the passions of the government and the general public in pursuit of the animation dream. “I am serious about Hangzhou, similar to my acceptance of disciples. Each year, I will write to them. I have an agreement with them: If they are not admitted to the China Academy of Art in the future, I will call off their discipline qualification. I really hope the children can do the best with the things they love most.”

Ageme, a Shanghai native, came to Hangzhou for the first time in a spring outing in the first grade of the primary school. After growing up, he visited Hangzhou many times, impressed with the lake landscape and bustling city. “The animation atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger in Hangzhou. Over the years, the city has developed fast, like mobile payments and cars giving way to pedestrians.... The development of the city and civilization has brought about great changes to the animation creation. I see many children are depicting their living environments in the works, and could feel their understanding and expression of life are more obedient to their hearts.”

Ba Bu and Kong Zao are new prominent young cartoonists who now live in Liangzhu of Hangzhou, as the city is growing more mature in the animation literacy. Kong Zao feels that Hangzhou is different from many other places. It has tall buildings, as well as trees and mountains, especially suitable for cartoonists. What has attracted her more is the cultural creativity revealed in the whole city, and the boundless imagination in the children works. “This is too precious for creation.”

At the Master-Apprentice Connection ceremony on November 17, the sponsor also kicked off the animation bus roadshow and selection of characteristic cultural bases for "I Am the King of Animation" city animation.

In October, the city held a roadshow of "I Am the King of Animation" with five buses full of the animation elements by the West Lake, to promote the Hangzhou animation brand, and let local residents and tourists feel the power of Hangzhou animation.

The five buses for the roadshow are printed with 50 works of children painters. The bus bodies are themed with CICAF mascot Le Le, while hand-drawn cartoons on the seat backs are works of the top 10 contestants of "I Am the King of Animation", incorporated with CICAF elements. Thus a package solution is designed for each bus, covering the body, front, rear and roof of the vehicles. Each bus is unique.

In the selection of "I am the King of Animation" city animation characteristic culture bases, White Pagoda Park and Hangzhou No. 15 High School Education Group stood out from more than 30 candidates to become the first batch of licensing bases.

Xizi Cat, a Hangzhou local IP owned by the Scenic Asset Management Group, has attracted tourists with charmingly naive image, becoming a living sign of the scenic spot of Hangzhou. Hangzhou No. 15 High School, through the daily teaching, has skillfully combined the animation element to let animation easily walk into the student life. It has become a pivot prying up the animation culture.

In the future, Hangzhou government will unite with the city’s animation and game companies to effectively combine schools and the industry, so as to transform the animation culture into life, make the animation life happier, and jointly promote the development of the animation culture.