LGD: We Are Looking Forward to Cheerup of Our Fans at Home Champion e-sports Club LGD Takes Hangzhou as Home Court

2018-11-30 02:37:37

On November 3, the IG Club from China won the 2018 League of Legends World Finals Champion in Incheon, Republic of Korea. This victory, which came after eight years of waiting, shocked the e-sports circle, and made more and more people realize that e-sports was not just a "game" in the traditional sense, but has become an activity with a strong mass base, and is listed as an official Olympic Games event.

In the 20 years since e-sports entered China, the e-sports contestants and the e-sports industry have become the darling of the times. Young people like to watch the game, and the capital side is willing to invest in it. However, for many people, especially the majority of parents, e-sports still equal to idling away by games. There is still a thick barrier between the general public and the e-sports industry. Most people remain unclear what the hell e-sports is.

On November 8, the Eaglet Project walked into the LGD e-sports club. This Hangzhou-based professional e-sports club won the LPL Summer Championship in 2015. Let’s come close to these e-sports contestants, to understand the real e-sports industry, and experience the different youth.

In 2015, LGD Club won for the first time the LPL champion cup (the top level LPL event in China) in Hangzhou. Two years later, it settled its home court in the Hangzhou digital entertainment town. It was the world's first offline main venue of professional e-sports clubs. Of China’s five professional e-sports stadiums, the LGD main court in Hangzhou is the best in hardware facilities.

The chief strategy officer of the LGD Club wants to tell teenagers who like games that “E-sport really isn't just playing games. Playing games is a leisure recreation, while e-sport is a profession. Every day, the players must have more than 10 hours boring training, which is not tolerable for common people.”

In the LGD Club, no players are seen before 12:00, because their training starts in the afternoon and lasts till late at night. The players are highly attentive in training. "It's a sport with high demands on mental power as well as physical capacity." Under strict training, there is not much difference in personal skills among the players. Team cooperation and the ability to respond to emergency situations are more important. Those teenagers who end up standing on the award platforms all have the same career dreams and professionalism, no matter how different they are as individuals.

E-sport is more than just playing games. From the games themselves to the competition operation, and from the audience watching the games to the clubs and participating teams, e-sport is moving closer to the traditional sports. Among them, the application of big data is playing an indispensable role. LGD Club has set up an online data system, China DOTA Elite Community (CDEC), which by recording the game player behavior parameters, and matching teammates to form the most suitable teams, which has attracted the top e-sports players in the country. It is now developing into the data support and player pool for LGD to select new players.