Li Tong: Carry Forward Chinese Culture, Work and Be Happy
Chinese young man loving to paint writes a promotion plan for China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

2018-11-30 02:41:39

Li Tong, 23, is studying in Nottingham Trent University, UK. As a junior student, he is busy every day, working in the student union and completing heavy school work. In addition, he assumes the task of "folk messenger".

Li Tong has been fond of painting from childhood. Three years ago, he came to Nottingham Trent University to study graphic design. In the three years in Britain, this enthusiastic young man gives full play to his talent, and has become the publicity head of NTU CSSU, responsible for the management of the WeChat official account of NTU CSSU (Nottingham Chinese network). The rapid development of the new media makes Li Tong feel the power of the media. At present, the WeChat official account has nearly 6,000 followers, becoming an effective outlet for the overseas students to promote and carry forward the Chinese culture.

In August this year, Li Tong participated in the publicity work of Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo. The Nottingham municipal government invited 15 local enterprises to participate in the expo. Li Tong accompanied them in the whole process, serving as an "exclusive interpreter." He provided all-round services to the Nottingham exhibitors including airport pickup, checking the booth layout the night before the opening, and interpretation for communication with audiences and buyers.

Because of Li Tong's meticulous assistance, the Nottingham exhibitors were very satisfied with the expo. They all agreed to come again next year, and they would build independent booths, prepare more goods for the exhibition, to avoid the shortage of goods at the expo this year. “I am very happy to hear this. I told my dad that I want to be a messenger for cultural and creativity exchange between Britain and Hangzhou.”

Although he was not present at China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Li Tong is still able to receive news of the most popular animation show in the world through various social media in the foreign country. “I can clearly feel the festival is expanding its influence in recent years. The number of participants has also reached new high.” He has specially written a promotion plan for China International Cartoon & Animation Festival.

According to his plan, next, China International Cartoon & Animation Festival can take the advantage of NTU CSSU fellowship to cooperate with major British cities and gradually copy and promote the practice to other cities, giving full play to the role of CSSU in the places.

While it has become mature to popularize the event in CSSU, positive efforts may be taken to promote it to foreign students in major universities of the cities. Priority will be given to students of animation major in the art design college of each university to deepen the cooperation and exchange of Chinese and foreign students in the field of animation.

As for Cosplay, fan’s favorite animation activity, Li Tong thinks a league match of China Cosplay Super Festival may be organized in Nottingham. The top five Chinese players may be invited to compete and exchange in Britain, and Chinese animation design and film businesses may be organized to communicate with British counterparts.

“As a Chinese, I really want to see CICAF come to London.”