Heavyweight Hangzhou Animation Companies Showcase in First Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Fair

2018-12-05 05:46:38

The first Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industries Fair is ceremoniously opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center today. Co-sponsored by Shanghai City and Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, this is the first cultural industries fair in China with all the main participants and the contents coming from the cultural industry of the world-class urban agglomeration. The fair, in accordance with the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, follows the theme of "higher quality integrated development of the cultural industry of the Yangtze River Delta". It is comprised of exhibition, forum and related activities. It shows the overall picture of the Yangtze River Delta, a world-class urban agglomeration, which makes the largest contribution, embraces the strongest enterprise strength and the highest degree of internationalization in the cultural industry in all regions of the country.

As one of the sponsors, Zhejiang has 58 cultural enterprises and units participating in the fair, including some heavyweight animation companies from Hangzhou. Hangzhou animation has developed into a "gold-lettered signboard" in the development of the Chinese animation industry. It has topped all major cities in the country for three years in a row in the number of excellent domestic animated films recommended by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and in the number of animation works winning awards for excellent children’s works from the administration.


Participating Animation Companies from Hangzhou


★Zoland Animation

Zhejiang Zoland Animation Co. Ltd., a leading original animation company in the country, is dedicated to the operation of the animation industry chain, including original animation production, film and television program distribution, and animation brand authorization. It is one of the first national key animation enterprises, national key high-tech enterprises, and national key cultural export enterprises. To date, it has created excellent animated works in 21 big themes, totaling 58 works, nearly 100,000 minutes. The animated works in The Eye in the Sky, Magic Wonderland, Zheng He's Voyages to the Western Seas, and Rubi Yoyo series have won over 150 domestic and international prizes, including the National Award for "Five-One Projects", National First Prize for Excellent Animation Works, and domestic excellent animation works awards. Its original animation works have been screened in more than 400 domestic television stations and new media platforms, and its film and television animation work export stands in the forefront of the country.


★A. U Cultural Creativity

Hangzhou A.U Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. is committed to the integration of animation cultural creation and technology. It is the first children education brand to win the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in China. Through the cloud technology platform of A. U Intelligent Online School and A.U Smart Kindergarten, A. U Cultural Creativity has integrated the “A. U TV” intelligent large screen smart classroom terminals, to build an individualized, digital intelligent teaching environment, and energize the Chinese intelligent education. The A. U series animated films have been screened for over 700 episodes. They ranked first for many times in the CCTV Children’s Channel in the ratings of the corresponding period. The video-on-demand amount exceeded over 5 billion hits. Its brand awareness stands as high as 63.3% among the country’s children. Its works have won over 80 national, provincial and municipal awards including the National First Prize for Children's Fine Works, China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Golden Monkey Award, Zhejiang Five-One Project of Spiritual Civilization Award, and Zhejiang Cultural Quality Project Award.


★Versatile Media

Zhejiang Versatile Media Co. Ltd. has applied itself to creating high quality audio-visual entertainment contents, including CG animated films, TV series, live film and television works, and original advertising drama audio programs. At present, its main business includes three major sectors:the film, television and entertainment sector such as films, TV plays and 3D animation; the mobile interconnection sector represented by Huhu Radio; and the advertising sector led by brand planning, creativity, shooting, production, and delivery business. Versatile Media has the largest digital studio in east China, totaling 2,400 square meters, which comprises 13 world-class digital film and television production rooms, SMOKE2K and FLAME2K digital post production equipment, LUSTRE digital intermediate color toning system, and independent R&D center. Its production The Floating Planet has won the award for best sci-fi animation works at the China Film Festival in Canada.


Ynuo Cultural Creativity

Hangzhou Ynuo Cultural Creativity Co. Lt. is an entrepreneurial company integrating the original creativity of cartoons and the operation of animation IPs. Ao Youxiang, a famous cartoonist and author of Oolong Courtyard, serves as the cartoon consultant of the company. It has an independent cartoon creation team, "Ynuo Studio", and serves as the sole agent of Ao Youxiang's Oolong Courtyard series works. It also launches integrated operation of animated production of cartoon IPs, producing films and television works with cartoon IPs, granting derivative authorization, landing them for art display. It has published 14 volumes of the NoNo Family comic book series. The original comics Good Killer has gained 1.7 billion hits, taking up the top of NetEase Comics list for a long time. King of the Poor, and Be A Straight Man Today have been put online at iQIYI, Love Animation, and NetEase Comics, and have attracted continuous investment for further development.