Dai Le: I Want to Invite My American Friends to Tour CICAF in Hangzhou
Loving Football as a Child, He Grows up into an e-sports Fan

2018-12-13 06:25:10

Dai Le, 16, has been studying abroad alone for two years. As a senior two high school student, he leads a self-disciplined and fulfilling life every day.

Attending class, playing football, keeping fit, and playing e-sports make up most of the boy's life. The big boy, who looks like an otaku in his mother's eyes, is actually an ardent youth.  

“I like hot-blooded e-sports, and I like hot-blooded football even more. “Having studied in the United States for two years, the teenager who loves e-sports and comics has a wish. “I want to invite my American classmates to come and see China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, and tell them what are good Chinese animations.”

Dai Le, a pure warm-blooded juvenile from Jiaxing, has three favorites -- e-sports, football and animation.

His first hobby cannot be separated from the influence from his father, who runs a game company. Dai Le got in touch with games since his kindergarten days. “My parents are quite open-minded. So long as it is conducted in a moderate level, they don't ban me from playing games.”

Though Dai Le sits motionlessly when playing games, like an "otaku," he turns into a hot-blooded teenager once on the football field. In the third grade, he began to learn to play football. At that time, there was no football field in the community. So he played football in the tennis court with his classmates. “The ground was covered with pebbles, and it hurt to fall on the ground.”Hitting the ground and the pains did not stop his passion for football. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the big boy went to the scene to cheer up his favorite team.

As for animation, it is a hobby he grows up with. He still remembers the scene of touring China International Cartoon and Animation Festival by the White Horse Lake. His eyes were full of garage kits and peripheral products. Finally he bought a bunch of garage kits to go home. “I remember when I brought them home, my mom asked me for a garage kit. So you see, everyone likes animation, adults and children alike.” He used to like watching Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf as a child. Now he is obsessed with Detective Conan. Animation, with its light and heat, has become a warm force in his juvenile years.

Studying Abroad: “I Want to Invite My American Friend to Tour CICAF”

Two years ago, Dai Le came to the United States to attend high school there, raising the curtain of an independent life. A stranger in a strange place, he spent almost all his spare time in reading Detective Conan soon after arriving in the United States. Having got acquainted with his classmates, Dai Le found that animation was an important "tool" to start talking with other young people. “Many of my classmates are big fans of animation. They would buy all kinds of garage kits and peripheral products every month.” Gradually, Dai Le found many young Americans were interested in animation and Chinese comics. “When I show my classmates Chinese TV dramas and movies at school, most them have little by little realized that Chinese production could also be wonderful.”

Dai Le would seize every opportunity to promote Chinese animations, telling his American classmates that Chinese animation is ripping off the labels of piracy and counterfeiting, rising up stronger and stronger. “I have a wish now. A good American friend of mine is very interested in Chinese animation. I’m planning to invite him to Hangzhou in a spring break, show him around to see our China International Cartoon and Animation Festival.”

Dai Le, a student of grade two in high school, is full of yearning for the future. “I want to find an area that I really like in the future, such as e-sports major in American universities. I will sign up without hesitation and announce to the world how powerful our animation game is."