Animation Overseas Promotion Ambassador: Yu Yiran

2018-12-13 06:27:01

It started to snow in Wisconsin in November. Yu Yiran, a Hangzhou girl, has got used to the climate, even though the heavy snow and cold weather here are totally different from her hometown of Hangzhou.

Having studied in the other side of the ocean for three years, Yu has kept a habit. With a big tennis bag on her back, she would practice playing tennis regardless of the weather. The inexhaustible source of power came from a comic book, The Prince of Tennis, which she glanced over by accident in her junior year.

Despite the 15-hour time lag, Yu told me in an overseas call, "My life has been changed by comics. I very much hope that in the future, I can make more Americans know the excellent comics of China and let the world understand the Chinese culture."

Yu was happy as a child. Children of her generation, born after 2000, largely have a rich life from birth. And their spiritual world is particularly enriched. Animated films, such as Chi-bi Maruko, Doraemon, A Journey to the West, Lotus Lantern, filled her childhood with colorful life.

“I was very happy in the childhood, accompanied by animations. My wish was simple when I was a child: I could have a friend like Doraemon.”

Yu said there were few things she could stick to in her life. Tennis is one of them. Actually The Prince of Tennis is the only comics that she likes, and reading comics constitutes one of the few subjects that interest her. While attending the primary school back in China, Yu liked to attend the annual China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, buying comic related products and touring the booths. It's all memories of her and her best friends. “It's a pity I'm not here in Hangzhou for the festival now, but I’d love to see it.”

Yu has virtually become a little “expert” in promoting animations in Wisconsin. She has introduced a bunch of excellent cartoon and animations from China to her classmates. “I have my own official Wechat account. And I have made some youtube videos. In the future, I am looking forward to seeing more excellent animation works in the United States, telling good stories about China, and promoting the cartoon and animation festival in my hometown."