Hangzhou Joins Hands with Tencent to Build City Animation Culture Brand
Introducing 2D Animation Bus Image Ambassador

2018-12-13 06:37:19

Hangzhou, known as the Paradise on Earth, is famous all over the world for its different scenery all the year round. The tender West Lake has become the holy place for people in love to “punch the clock”. Today, Hangzhou's animation atmosphere, like the city's beautiful scenery, has moisturized everything in silence, and gone deep into the life of the residents.

Recently, Hangzhou Animation Bus formally joined hands with Tencent Animation to launch the No.51 Line "Pure Love Bus". Tushan Susu, the protagonist of Tencent Animation top IP, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, was granted with an official status, the animation bus image ambassador.

In late November, Tencent Animation released a big news: Tushan Susu, the protagonist of Tencent Animation top IP, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, was granted by the Hangzhou government with an official status, the animation bus image ambassador.

In early December, Fox Spirit Matchmaker “Pure Love Bus” line will be officially put into operation. You are a fan of the animation work, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, or simply be obsessed with the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou? You are very welcome to go on board No.51 Line Bus, and have a romantic tour of the West Lake with the little “matchmaker” Susu.


It is not accidental for Hangzhou to encounter Tushan Susu. In fact, this ancient cultural city has been committed to building itself into China's "animation capital." In 2005, Hangzhou hosted the first China International Cartoon and Animation Festival. Since then, it has kept the only national level professional animation exhibition of the country in Hangzhou. Over the past decade, Hangzhou has attracted numerous excellent animation professionals and companies to settle down in the city with a series of supporting policies for the animation industry.

Tuo Xiaoxin, the author of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, is one of them. The animation work, created in Hangzhou, has gained 12 billion hits for the comic and 2.8 billion plays for the animated film on the Internet over the past six years. It has hence become a representative IP of the Chinese animation. The hometown of the protagonist Tushan Susu, is right set in Tushan, in Zhejiang Province.

An ancient style animation work seeking true love, and an ancient capital of love, met and got attracted to each other. From this month, we can take this "Pure Love Bus" to tour the charming scenery of the West Lake, and “clock in” at the scenic spots of love stories, like the Wansong Academy.

This time, the West Lake animation bus line is converted into a cultural resource via animation, so that culture has participated in the process of stimulating the vitality of the city and promoting the development of the city. It has enabled culture to energize urban development, and further enhanced the soft power of Hangzhou animation culture, and shown the charm of the characteristic Hangzhou animation culture.

We are happy to see that Tushan Susu joining hands with Tencent is an in-depth cooperation of Hangzhou with Tencent Animation, which is expected to last for three years. It is an important step in Hangzhou’s efforts towards building a never-ending animation festival. In addition to cultural and tourism cooperation, Hangzhou will work with Tencent Animation to further expand cooperation dimensions in the perspectives of the cultural influence of Hangzhou city and historical relics cooperation, so as to create the Hangzhou+IP pure love culture, promote cultural symbol construction, IP brand building and mutual empowerment of commercial value.