Animation Capital Sends Global Order for Your "Pig" Paintings

2019-01-08 02:37:09

Send us your creative comics. Let’s celebrate the Spring Festival with your paintings.

Hangzhou Daily has now worked with China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Exhibition Office to officially launch the activity of “greeting New Year with cartoons and animations". They have issued a global invitation soliciting creative comics on the Year of the Pig. We will select the best “pig” paintings that you have created to design into cultural creative packages for wishing happy New Year and spring blessings. We will send “adorable” greetings to the upcoming lunar New Year with characteristic animation culture.

Special 2D awards have also been set up for the event, which are the "best imagination award" and the "best adorable player award", and the "greatest happiness award." This activity will also unite the first batch of Hangzhou animation characteristic cultural and educational bases and animation buses, which are carriers of the animation characteristic culture, to distribute cultural creative gifts. If you want to see your works held in the palms of citizens, be sure to pay attention to our activity.




1. Entry requirements

The participants will design creative cartoons in the forms of four comic strips, New Year illustrations, red envelopes for the Year of the Pig on A4 paper in accordance with the atmosphere of the New Year and the characteristics of the Lunar Year of the Pig. The painting materials and styles are not limited.

All entries must be original. Any plagiarism found will be disqualified


2. Entry mode

All works should be sent to, indicating the participant’s name, contact details and age.


Note: The copyright of the entries and the right of final interpretation of the activities are reserved by the organizer.