Hangzhou Held 2018 Animation, Games, E-sports Forum

2019-01-08 03:28:10

Hangzhou brightens its high reputation of "animation capital" with the most approachable policies

Government support, expert diagnosis, enterprise grouping

On December 8, 2018, the 2018 Hangzhou Animation, Games and E-sports Forum was held in the city of Hangzhou. Representatives of major animation, games and e-sports companies, the media, financial institutions and government officials at the municipal and district levels participated in the event.

Hangzhou held this forum on the first anniversary that the city promulgated a new policy on the animation and game industry. This will undoubtedly give strong confidence to the animation and game companies that are going through an economic winter. According to the new policy, Hangzhou animation companies made two rounds of applications in 2018, with a total of 180 projects meeting the policy criteria. The industrial policy will continue to provide guarantee for Hangzhou animation, game, e-sports companies in 2019.

At the forum, many experts and scholars took the pulse of the current animation industry market in an all-round way, and put forward specific recommendations. Financial institutions also pointed out a clear direction for the companies on market risks and trends. "Blood-making capacity" became the focus of future development of the companies. Hangzhou municipal government’s commitment to continue to serve businesses well let the animation and game companies in the city feel the warmth of chilly winter.

The head of the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Exhibition Office said that Hangzhou had always attached great importance to the animation industry, and regarded it as an important part of the cultural creativity industry. It has successfully held the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival for 14 sessions in a row. It has also devoted to the construction of characteristic culture of animation in the city, to create a never-ending animation festival. The 18-article new policy extends greater support, from encouraging the length in the past to focusing more on the quality. The scopes of support have extended from the traditional media to the new media, from the domestic platform to the international platform. The government, companies, colleges, institutions and experts will all work together to brightenthe high reputation of Hangzhou as the capital of animation.