"West Lake Animation” Shows Loving Care for "Children of the Stars" Capital of animation empowers public good with the power of art

2019-01-09 07:57:23

The fifth "Love Calendar" activity of the "West Lake Animation” Public Welfare Brand has been held recently among the “children of the stars” again. It joined hands with an organization of "promoting the development of wisdom" for intervention training of autistic children to welcome the New Year.

To let the children experience the magic of animation, the Municipal Festival and Exhibition Office brought wonderful gifts and the animated film Magic Man to the autistic children. World gymnastic champion Li Ya explored ways to improve autism with gymnastics. She encouraged the children and their parents with the "champion spirit", hoping they would never give up confidence and eventually win a better tomorrow.

Thanks to the efforts of the "West Lake Animation” Public Welfare Brand, more and more agencies have paid attention to these lovely children. The animation department of China Academy of Art recently organized a charity donation for autistic children. The studios of Professor Chang Hong and Professor Yu Jin donated two boxes of books and CD related to animation to the organization of "promoting the development of wisdom". Dr. Feng Shuo of the academy also gave the children a creative, interesting lesson of water extension painting.

The combination of art and public welfare also touched Professor Chang Hong. He said that "We animation practitioners are not limited to the lofty film festivals and international awards in our pursuit. We can also make animation a meaningful art in real life, and truly help other people.”