COSPLAY Greets New Year in Capital of Animation

2019-01-09 08:04:05

As the New Year's bell is to ring, how will Hangzhou, the "capital of animation", welcome the New Year in an unusual way?

From December 30 of 2018 to January 1 of 2019, China (Hangzhou) COSPLAY Cultural Festival, an animation brand activity Hangzhou has run for six years in a row, will be unveiled in the Binjiang White Horse Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.


This time, the cultural festival will focus on creating a 2D culture offline PARTY. It has planned to implement characteristic activities including the animation game show, live concert, exhibition of fan art works, and theme stage plays. It will create a sound atmosphere of animation for the city, to provide a display platform for the COSPLAY community, offer COSPLAY enthusiasts and fans with a barrier-free place for communication, create opportunities for animation game companies to interact with users at zero distance, and allow Hangzhou animation fans to have a different experience to greet the New Year.

Well-known IPs, including Razor, Dear Chris, The Legend of Qin, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, UWoWo, The Bad Man, Chinese Paladin, China Rising and Ai Man, have established official exhibition areas. In addition to the product providers who participate in the interactions, there will be nearly 100 2D fan art businesses to set up booths on the spot, to create a new experience of animation show.


On the evening of December 30, Qiantang National Music Gala will be held to celebrate the New Year, participated by a great many famous 2D singers and animation fans.

The Hangzhou zone preliminaries of the 15th China COSPLAY Super Gala, the largest COSPLAY event in China, will also be staged during the cultural festival.

In the capital of animation, cartoon and animation have become a way of life. The Jiangling Road Station of Metro Line 1 has quietly finished dress-up in the China (Hangzhou) COSPLAY Cultural Festival period. It has been incarnated as a brand-new COSPLAY animation theme station. The well-known IPs The Legend of Qin and Talking Tom Cat, have "sneaked" into the subway cars and been integrated into animation trains.