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Hangzhou Daily The Capital of Animation

01 Jun 2018

动漫我的城市动漫我的生活 Animation, My city. Animation, My Life.   2018年5月3日星期四 Thursday, 3 May 2018   责任编辑:丁岚 Editor in charge: Ding Lan   版式设计:俞帆 Layout design: Yu Fan   中国国际动漫节节展办公室&nb...

The Most Beautiful “Periphery” of the Anime Festival

24 May 2018

Anime festival becomes more exciting with your accompany   Reporter Ding Lan, Ye Cong, Li Weihe Correspondent Cheng Jianxi, Wang Yiqiang   A grand holiday, a city’s spree. Because of the 14th China International Animation Festival, the beautiful city of Hangzhou h...

Hangzhou’s Spokesperson is You!? Pose as Spokeman for Hangzhou!

13 Apr 2018

With blooming sakura and alluring smell of Longjing tea, the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival is approaching in the spring of Hangzhou. Do you want to be an eye-catching spokesperson for Hangzhou at the Cosplay show of the most stylish Festival in the mos...

Don’t Miss it: Cosplay Style Awards Begins in Hangzhou

13 Apr 2018

It’s heard that the Cosplay Style Awards of the 14th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival has begun in Hangzhou Area, and a lot of handsome boys and pretty girls will be here.      Do you want to be an eye-catching coser? Want to have a go at...

Seize the Chance: iABC 1-to-1 Dialogue Begins Online Appointment

13 Apr 2018

The 14th International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC) will be held at First World Hotel Hangzhou from April 25th to 27th in 2018. (It is recommended to carefully read the detailed description of the one-to-one dialogue appointment if you are inter...

2018 Animation & Game Industry Innovative Development Liangzhu Summit Launched

13 Apr 2018

On March 29th, 2018  Animation & Game Industry Innovative Development Liangzhu Summit was held at the Design Center in Mengqi Town, Yuhang District. The summit explored the mode of innovative development with the core of cultural creativity and d...