Fanfan Builds China's Largest Cartoonist Tribe

28 Sep 2018

In 2009, Shen Hao, founder of Fanfan Animation, founded the Hangzhou Fanfan Cultural Media Co. Ltd. In the spirit of introducing high-quality overseas works, Fanfan obtained the proxy of Japan's Shueisha in Chinese mainland, leading the introduction of Shueisha key IP electronic cartoons, includ...

Hangzhou Animation Takes First Place in Broadcast Recommendation

28 Sep 2018

The National Radio and Television Administration recently issued the Circular on the Production and Distribution of TV Animations in the Country in 2017, and also released the Catalogue of Recommended Excellent Animations for Broadcast in 2017.   In 2017, there were a total of 43 excellent an...

Dubbing + Derivatives, Hangzhou Animation Company Wins with Secret Weapon

28 Sep 2018

                                                Recently, the Eaglet Plan research team visited Shunxin Cultural Development Co. Ltd. This emerging company, benefiting from the st...

State-Supported Original Animation Projects Announced: Six Zhejiang Works Make the Cut

28 Sep 2018

  The selected projects of the “Motive Power” China Original Animation Publishing Support Program of 2018 have been announced. A total of 81 works are selected. Among them, six works of Zhejiang are chosen in the categories of comic books, network animation and network comics....

Eaglet Plan Visits the "Most Powerful Brain"

28 Sep 2018

Recently, the Eaglet Plan research team visited Hangzhou INNOW Creative & Technology Co. Ltd. (INNOW), which is located in the design center of Liangzhu Mengqi Town, Yuhang.   On August 18, 2016, INNOW officially settled in Mengqi Town of Yuhang. INNOW general manager Su Huan said that th...

Yi Nuo Animation: To be the "biggest fool" in original animations
Operate animation IPs in whole industry chain to carry forward Chinese traditional culture

15 Aug 2018

Speaking of Oolong Courtyard, the first things to come out in mind are the vivid figures of Master Long Eyebrow, Master Fat Big Head, Big Brother Aliang and the Little Brother. It has been nearly 40 years since the Oolong Courtyard was published in installments. The cumulative circulation ...