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Animation Capital Sends Global Order for Your "Pig" Paintings

08 Jan 2019

Send us your creative comics. Let’s celebrate the Spring Festival with your paintings. Hangzhou Daily has now worked with China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Exhibition Office to officially launch the activity of “greeting New Year with cartoons and animations". Th...

CICAF, Taobao, Yintai to Cobuild the Largest 2D Incubation Base in Asia

08 Jan 2019

On December 20, the first China (Hangzhou) IP Authorization Conference, co-sponsored by China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Exhibition Office and Taobao (China) Software Co. Ltd., was held in Hangzhou. The Chinese animation IP cooperation platform, jointly developed by the two sides...

Hangzhou Joins Hands with Tencent to Build City Animation Culture Brand
Introducing 2D Animation Bus Image Ambassador

13 Dec 2018

Hangzhou, known as the Paradise on Earth, is famous all over the world for its different scenery all the year round. The tender West Lake has become the holy place for people in love to “punch the clock”. Today, Hangzhou's animation atmosphere, like the city's beautiful scenery, ...

Animation Overseas Promotion Ambassador: Yu Yiran

13 Dec 2018

It started to snow in Wisconsin in November. Yu Yiran, a Hangzhou girl, has got used to the climate, even though the heavy snow and cold weather here are totally different from her hometown of Hangzhou. Having studied in the other side of the ocean for three years, Yu has kept a habit. With a big t...

Dai Le: I Want to Invite My American Friends to Tour CICAF in Hangzhou
Loving Football as a Child, He Grows up into an e-sports Fan

13 Dec 2018

Dai Le, 16, has been studying abroad alone for two years. As a senior two high school student, he leads a self-disciplined and fulfilling life every day. Attending class, playing football, keeping fit, and playing e-sports make up most of the boy's life. The big boy, who looks like an otak...

Hangzhou Animation Game Industry Launches “Love Calendar” Activity
Showing Love and Concern to “Kids from the Stars”

13 Dec 2018

On November 23, Hangzhou Animation Game Association launched the fourth “Love Calendar” activity, entitled Animation Thanksgiving, Caring for Society -- Heart for Heart, Caring for Autistic Children, in Xiacheng District Cognition Development for Autism Intervention Organization. This ...