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Triennial “National Animation Government Award” unveiled, Hangzhou hits new record in winning animation awards

13 Mar 2018

On February 24, the Ministry of Culture announced at its official website the results of the third animation award, the Chinese government award for culture and art.  The animation award is a national government award established by the Ministry of Culture to flourish the creation of animation...

The cutest in China! Hangzhou police have a cartoon celebrity

12 Mar 2018

In 2016, Panda Police, the cartoon celebrity of Hangzhou police, made a special contribution to G20 security in Hangzhou, the city of animation. Its designer, Xiaoyu who graduated from the China Academy of Art, was initially invited by the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau to design a cartoon characte...

CICAF "Golden Monkey Award" attracts wide attention, initial review to start

12 Mar 2018

The signing up for the 2018 Golden Monkey Award is drawing to a close. The first Review round will begin in Mid-March. The contest has attracted a lot of attention since it was held. Recently, Xinhua News Agency sent a series of short films, Our Confidence, to participate in the competition, i...

‘Deluxe’ creative team of ‘Coco’ intends to participate in CICAF 2018

12 Mar 2018

On March 5th, the 90th Oscar Academy Awards ceremony ended. Coco, an animated feature co-produced by Walt Disney Film Studio and Pixar Animation Studio, and directed by Lee Anchorage and Adrian Molina, won the best animated feature and Best Original Song Award. It is reported that the Coco creation ...

A.U’s Popular Science Cartoon Wins the National Prize

08 Feb 2018

Recently, “A.U’s popular science cartoon innovation and cross-media communication” (Popular Science Group), produced by Hangzhou A.U Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. won the Second Prize of 2017 National Award for Science and Technology Progress. It is the top-level awa...

Hangzhou Released a 3-Year Action Plan for the Development of the “City of Animation”

08 Feb 2018

From this year on, Hangzhou will promote the upgrade of the “City of Animation” development from version 1.0 to version 2.0. For this purpose, “the Action Plan for Continuously Promoting the Development of Hangzhou as a ‘City of Animation’ (2018-2020)” (...