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Ten Years Old! "I am the King of Animation" Creative Cartoon Contest Ends in Great Success

30 Nov 2018

On November 17, a ceremony was held in Hangzhou for apprentices to honor their masters. As a part of the activities of the 10th “I am the King of Animation” Creative Cartoon Competition for Teenagers, the event was co-organized by Hangzhou Daily, Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau,...

Were You There for Hangzhou Gala Party Before Double Eleven Shopping Spree?

16 Nov 2018

On November 10, it finally cleared up after a week of rain. Despite it was Saturday, 15,000 people got up early, heading for the Fisherman's Wharf Ecological Park in Hangzhou. Pictures tell the truth. What were they doing over there? The answer is --   At 8 a.m. of November 10, the 2018 I...

“I Am the King of Animation” to Celebrate 10th Anniversary, Join Our Party!

16 Nov 2018

At 10 a.m. November 17, a grand ceremony will be held for the 10th Master-Apprentice Connection of the “I Am the King of Animation”. Six cartoonists will come to the scene. And the LED large screen will display the top 100 works. After waiting so long, the organizers will finally u...

Animation Giant XTone Settles in Hangzhou

06 Nov 2018

Frog Leon, Cobopanda, Cute Bear -- do you know these popular emoticon animation images of WeChat are all from animation company XTone? Now, XTone, one of those in possession of the largest number of animation copyright images in the country, has officially settled down in the city of ...

2018 International (Hangzhou) Trailwalk Conference to open in limelight in November

06 Nov 2018

On November 10, the 2018 International (Hangzhou) Trailwalk Conference will be held in Hangzhou. The conference has so far been held for seven times. In 2015, the animation element was added to increase new vitality to the national fitness event.   This year, the animation festival ...

Shunxin Culture Resolves to Win Audience with Animation in an Instant

06 Nov 2018

Recently, the “Eaglet Project” visited Shunxin Cultural Development Co. Ltd. (Shunxin Culture). A cutting-edge company, Shunxin Culture has successfully levered the new growth point of the animation game economy with sound and derivatives, thanks to the favorable...