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Yi Nuo Animation: To be the "biggest fool" in original animations
Operate animation IPs in whole industry chain to carry forward Chinese traditional culture

15 Aug 2018

Speaking of Oolong Courtyard, the first things to come out in mind are the vivid figures of Master Long Eyebrow, Master Fat Big Head, Big Brother Aliang and the Little Brother. It has been nearly 40 years since the Oolong Courtyard was published in installments. The cumulative circulation ...

Hangzhou Animation Game Industry Hands Outstanding Results in 1H2018
30 national-certified Hangzhou animation game companies stand in the forefront of the country

15 Aug 2018

In recent years, Hangzhou has set its eyes on the cultural creativity industry. It has taken its advantages in the mobile Internet to build a diversified industrial pattern and platform and promulgate policies, and has attracted increasingly more famous businesses. The 14th Chin...

Animated Film The Travel With the Wind Turns a Hit before Screened
Winning Asian Night Best Screenwriter Award, Customized Game under Development

15 Aug 2018

The animated film Travel With the Wind is an elaborate work produced by Minglang Film &TV Production Co., Ltd. over two years. It follows the main line of the growth of the protagonist A Feng, a small dinosaur who faces setbacks again and again, and ultimately realizes its ow...

Young Eagles Program officially launched for Hangzhou animation game companies

06 Aug 2018

In July 2018, Hangzhou Animation Festival Office officially puts forward the Young Eagles Program for animation game companies in the city. Through field researches and visits with relevant functional departments, industry experts and news media at the provincial, municipal and district le...

From OEM for Japan to co-production of animation IP with Alibaba

06 Aug 2018

The Young Eagles Program is an incubation plan put forward by Hangzhou Cultural Creativity Industry Office for animation game companies in the city of Hangzhou. In the second stop, we paid a visit to Hangzhou Jiande Yuge Co. Ltd. to see how the animation company developed from an OEM producer to the...

Two Oscar Judges Rised from Hangzhou animation
Interview with Oscar China Judges Liu Jian and Du Haibin in Capital of Animation

17 Jul 2018

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the host of the Academy Awards, or the Oscar, would recruit new members each year.       In this year's "new recruit” list, two men from the city of Hangzhou aroused high concern. On June 26th Bei...