Original Elaborate Works are the Vitality of Animation Companies
-- Experiences of Hangzhou Animation Companies Creating Elaborate Works in 2018, II

30 Nov 2018

This year, the Hangzhou animation industry has created a number of "elaborate works of the year", and made "created in Hangzhou" stand on a higher international stage. In October, the National Radio and Television Administration issued a circular on recommending excellent domest...

Hua Yu: I Help Chinese Animation to Go Global in Germany
7-hour time difference, 8,100km flight distance

30 Nov 2018

Hua Yu did not expect the German study exchange program at the age of 16 had changed the course of his life. In 10 years, she has traveled between Germany and China. She has actively promoted the Chinese culture on every occasion, and encouraged German friends to study in China. Now,...

Li Tong: Carry Forward Chinese Culture, Work and Be Happy
Chinese young man loving to paint writes a promotion plan for China International Cartoon & Animation Festival

30 Nov 2018

Li Tong, 23, is studying in Nottingham Trent University, UK. As a junior student, he is busy every day, working in the student union and completing heavy school work. In addition, he assumes the task of "folk messenger". Li Tong has been fond of painting from childhood. Three years a...

LGD: We Are Looking Forward to Cheerup of Our Fans at Home Champion e-sports Club LGD Takes Hangzhou as Home Court

30 Nov 2018

On November 3, the IG Club from China won the 2018 League of Legends World Finals Champion in Incheon, Republic of Korea. This victory, which came after eight years of waiting, shocked the e-sports circle, and made more and more people realize that e-sports was not just a "game" in th...

Ten Years Old! "I am the King of Animation" Creative Cartoon Contest Ends in Great Success

30 Nov 2018

On November 17, a ceremony was held in Hangzhou for apprentices to honor their masters. As a part of the activities of the 10th “I am the King of Animation” Creative Cartoon Competition for Teenagers, the event was co-organized by Hangzhou Daily, Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau,...

Were You There for Hangzhou Gala Party Before Double Eleven Shopping Spree?

16 Nov 2018

On November 10, it finally cleared up after a week of rain. Despite it was Saturday, 15,000 people got up early, heading for the Fisherman's Wharf Ecological Park in Hangzhou. Pictures tell the truth. What were they doing over there? The answer is --   At 8 a.m. of November 10, the 2018 I...