China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival


China International Cartoon & Animation Festival global promotion Beijing stop

13 Dec 2017

It was not the season of dense smog yet. Beijing in September, an early autumn month, was warm and dry, ideal for traveling and play. This year, the organizing committee of China International Cartoon & Animation Festival took Beijing as the first stop in its global promotion campaign. On Septem...


13 Dec 2017

The 19th fuchuan international animation festival in South Korea (BIAF2017) held on October 20 to 24, the cartoon festival theme is Ani + Fun, there are 32 countries 111 cartoons for international competition unit.With "@ bear and her mouse oscar-nominated Benjamin Rene new a opening out the st...


13 Dec 2017

Hungary as the center of the Renaissance, was born the petofi, liszt, and many other artists, here is the palace of art, the creature with his pursuit of art and love...Believe that for most Chinese, must be not heard the name of the cage KaiMei.In fact you go and ask the europeans, estimates that m...

2017Gwangju ACE Fair

13 Dec 2017

Hosted by South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gwangju City, shenzhen hui gen exhibition planning co., LTD., to undertake, 2017 the 13th (South Korea) gwangju international cultural creative industry exhibition in September 21 and 24, 2017 international conference and exhibitio...


13 Dec 2017

The Cannes Autumn TV Festival 2017 (MIPCOM) was officially unveiled on October 16, French time. The world's highest level TV feast was attended by over 13,000 people from 1,900 companies in over 100 countries. During the event, many Chinese and foreign top film and television, animation game pro...

CICAF Sponsored the 2017 International (Hangzhou) Trailwalk Rally

13 Dec 2017

As one of the main sponsors, China International Cartoon & Animation Festival Exhibition Office (CICAF) brings you back to the date of October 28, the 2017 trailwalk event was held in Hangzhou to highlight the city’s cozy autumn and to see why the sport is so popular among citizens.&n...