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Cartoon & Animation Festival

Huashi TV Special Session: A Vision Discovered is half Magnificent Transformation

25 Apr 13:30 - 15:00


25 Apr 13:30 - 15:00

Huashi TV: poly purchase integrated in various countries national animation with high quality from around the world, meet the demand of different age of child development, included educational, emotional intelligence enlightenment culture, art, language development and other aspects. Huashi TV has make long-term cooperation with such as Disney, Geithner and other international top animation partner, for content distribution and landing with the domestic video sites, mobile operators, digital TV/IPTV/OTT as well, launched entertaining, educational and interactive, participatory and integrated as a whole "more screen parent-child anime entertainment television" zone named “Lollipop" products, in which make family parent-child interaction paradise, let children grow up in love. Sincerely welcome your arrival, in the development of children's parent-child industry, with you!

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