China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

WEKIDS Special Session:China Tales -animation incubator plan

26 Apr 13:30 - 15:00

Zurich Hall, The First World Hotel

26 Apr 13:30 - 15:00

In 2018,Led by China's ministry of culture, Canadian culture and Canadian ministry of culture,WeKids has reached cooperation with Nelvana, an animation company under Canadian media giant Corus Entertainment, and Toon Boom, a software company, to co-finance the “China Tales” incubator competition project. It is designed to discover good stories and designs and talents in China that have the potential to develop into international children’s animation brands. The winning works will be jointly developed and produced by the three companies in accordance with international standards, and distributed globally through the profound international distribution channels of Nelvana and Corus Group. The incubator competition project is a rare opportunity for Chinese animation creators and artists. It will let Chinese original contents to connect with the international animation industry, and make them known home and abroad.




Guest speaker:



Cara Lynn Bleskie: Development Executive of Nelvana Ltd. (a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.) 

She is dedicated to identifying up-and-coming influencers in the world of animated media. She specializes in sourcing dynamic children’s content and in the preparation and management of creative pitch materials.





Chu Xiaoye:CEO of WeKids 

Senior Producer of animation, who also an experienced across media producer. His ideas put into the international children's entertainment industry development, programming, product licensing, and other fields.


Main topics:

WeKids: How to make creative animation plans;
Nelvana:How to complete production of animation works

ToonBoom:How to complete animation scripts efficiently


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