China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

“Breaking the Cocoon into a Butterfly” Game Session

29 Apr 13:30 - 17:00

Venice Hall

29 Apr 13:30 - 17:00

During the International Animation & Game Business Conference (iABC), the game topic themed “Breaking the Cocoon into a Butterfly” will be composed of “ACG Game” and “Independent Game”. The first-tier game enterprises of China, such as Shengqu Games and Yoozoo Culture, will share their experiences and prospects of the future in the process of iABC. Although the game industry is booming at present, ACG game and an independent game have experienced similar hardships in the past. Every game project is like a lonely traveler who has overcome difficulties to forge ahead slowly. Currently, ACG game and an independent game have not only become the highlights of the game industry but also holds a special place in the hearts of players. In 2019, they will break the cocoon into a butterfly to embrace a wonderful future!

Shanhai Jinghua by Youzu

The Shanhai Jinghua is a next-generation turn-based 3D RPG mobile game themed the content of Shan Hai Jing, a Chinese classic text and a compilation of mythic geography and myth. It is developed by, with beautiful pictures by excellent painters and outstanding dubbing by popular voice performers, making every effort to demonstrate fantastic Chinese myths and elaborate brilliant Chinese culture. Let’s travel together in mountains and seas and appreciate the beauty of China.

RWBY by Shengqu Games

The RWBY is a network action game adapted from the original network animation of the same name. It provides various game roles and classes for players, enabling them to make joint efforts to defeat strong Grimms.

Highlights of the RWBY:

Bringing players an exciting game experience by virtue of extreme 3D pictures and battle scenes.

Enabling players to enjoy the ultimate battle experience through a real sense of shock and feedback.

Perfectly connecting the content of animation with an original game story. 

Showcasing the operational level of tactics and skills of players through various combat tactics.

A special network game providing characteristic playing method

A game with beautiful pictures boasting same high quality as the animation

A reshaped classic game showing original taste and flavor

An excellent action game bringing exciting combat experience and the combo with special effect

A must-play game inviting you to join the battle of faith

The Lost City by Manhuang Technology

The Lost City is a turn-based 3D RPG game. It integrates the random dungeon playing method of roguelike games to randomly generate maps, monsters and treasure boxes, providing instance dungeon of all kinds. In this game, a group of 4 player-controlled characters can obtain mutually restrained attributes and rich skills, which makes it easy for players to operate and conduct in-depth tactics. It also provides a fair competition platform for the clash of heroes. Since the game prefers best allocation than best characters, players can thoroughly defeat opponents by using tactics. In addition, the elements of army groups and countries are also added to the game, ensuring that players can experience the exciting battle between army groups and countries. Conquering this mysterious continent together with your friends!

Metaverse Keeper by Electonic Soul

Metaverse Keeper is an online cooperative adventure game with the Roguelike element, in which players explore the randomly generated dangerous worlds with their teammates. To uncover the secrets of the Prince of the Devils deep in the fortress, they must collect resources, explore the fortress, and utilize all kinds of magic weapons to defeat monsters from every time and space!

In addition to fighting against various monsters, chips in the fortress are also essential for players to develop talent and enhance the strength of their roles. More challenges will appear as the level becomes more difficult, and stronger monsters will come with less resource allocation and greater pressure.

Chopin by Catap Studio

The Chopin is a puzzle adventure game developed by Catap Studio. The game story happens during the war between human beings and machines. The city of human beings is occupied by the machine army, and human beings are arrested or have to escape. The game character controlled by players is an ordinary man instead of a hero. He was separated from his family during the war and has to go on a journey to find family members. Finally, he discovers the shocking truth.

SolarMax3 by Xiaomi Games

The SolarMax3 is a new strategy adventure mobile game themed sci-fi space. In this game, players will control a starship commander to conquer the planets in the mysterious universe through outstanding strategies and tactics. Players can enjoy free space trip alone and continuously conquer the stars, or fight together with other players to share the joy of victory. The hidden forces of the dark are stirring, and the wheel of fortune is rotating. Will you become the ultimate overlord of planets? Joining the game to fight!

Mr. Husky by Xiluo

This is a 2D interesting pixel-style licking dog simulator (riddle game).
A Husky is stuck in a maze of various levels. Drop by changing the direction of gravity, and ussome mechanics and props to deliver bones to your favored dog.
The game adopts the breakthrough mode with no life restrictions, and the maze is kaleidoscopic, interesting but requiring mental exertion.
With 80 levels originally and extra collected playing methods in the New Game Plus, it will surely catch your heart with songful jazz and funny picture style.

Mr. Husky is FALLING in love.

Total War: Three King doms by YuXing

The Total War: Three Kingdoms is a mobile game based on massive war battle.

In this game, players can control a military officer to lead soldiers to attack opponents or cities and make them surrender, gradually becoming the overlord of the world. The game features its visual effect of large-scale battlefield and the battle using tactics with the vision of overall situation.