China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

Boss Alliance - Private Matchmaking Meeting of Culture & Tourism

29 Apr 13:30 - 17:00

China Fishing Village Hall

29 Apr 13:30 - 17:00

Boss Alliance, as the high-end private session of iABC, is only accessible for executives of pan-entertainment industry, and does not accept the voluntary registration. The sponsor of iABC only invites less than 15 participants according to the qualification. Themed on culture and tourism this year, the iABC plans to invite participants like cultural estates, tourism parks, tourism bureaus of districts and counties, cultural innovation towns, IP enterprises and Japanese painters of culture and tourism.


Activity Schedule: 

Centering on “culture and tourism”, guests make speeches in turn on main company business, advantageous resources and cooperation demand. In other words, when the first guest finishes the speech (6-7 minutes), he invites the next speaker at random, and the next speaker repeats the steps until the final speaker finishes addressing. In accordance with the demands collected before, participants will directly exchange and negotiate with target peers based on individual requirements.



President Of Sunriver: Yan Donglai,

President Of Its Cartoon: Wang Yunfei

Co-founder & Vice President Of Electronic Soul Network Technology: Hao Jie,

Larva: Chen Wei, President of Greater China

Director of Investment Promotion Cente Of e-Games TownSu Wengyu

MG Of Hangzhou Ynuo animation co.,ltd:Zhang Lei

MG Of New Century Tourism Group:Liu Kaihao

CEO Of Lafeng Entertainment:Chen Jiaqi

Vice President Of Haining Council for the Promotion of International Trade:Yao Zhiming