China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival


02 May 09:30 - 12:30

ZHAN Shiwei
TSAI CHih Chung
Marie Claire Quiquemelle KUO
YU Yong

Banquet Hall B, White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel

02 May 09:30 - 12:30

1. Form:Lecture+ Dialogue+ Q&A

2. Theme:New Animation:Present & Future

3. Moderator:ZHAN Shiwei

Founder of AniSpark

ZHAN founded AniSpark in 2015, and has been focusing on the internet venture capital investment report and innovative business models analysis for many years. ZHAN once joined Netease as the APP product designer and was responsible for the APP multiple functions planning for hundreds of millions of users. Published books: Share Creative Website, Annual Report on Digital Publishing Industry in China. 


4. Guest Speakers:

MASTER 1: TSAI Chih Chung

Taiwan Cartoonist

C. C. Tsai is one of East Asia's most beloved comic artists. His bestselling editions of the Chinese classics have introduced generations of readers to the wisdom of such luminaries as Confucius, Zhuangzi, and Laozi. Born in Taiwan, Tsai now lives in Hangzhou, China.  



Producer of the Chinese traditional legendary story based animation film ‘White Snake’

Producer, Light Chaser Animation

Ms. CUI has 8 years’ experience in film development and production, especially in animation and live-action feature films. She graduated from the Communication University of China with a bachelor degree and obtained a master degree from New York Film Academy. Ms. CUI has worked in production management team for ‘21 Jump Street’, ‘Little Door Gods’, ’Tea Pets’ and ‘Cats and Peachtopia’. Before joining the Light Chaser Animation, she worked in Sony Pictures Entertainment, as production coordinator and Taihe Entertainment as manager of film development.


MASTER 3: Kristian

French Cartoonist, Creator of “Totem Coluche”, French Knight of Arts and Letters

He is also the Creator of 140 sculptures of Noah's Ark climate (for COP 21), Official Cartoonist of Cannes International Film Festival, Member of the international network Cartooning for Peace created by Plantu and Kofi Annan Nobel Peace Prize. Kristian etches life with humor.  Since 1980s, he has realized cartoons, humoristic and of current events, for the written press, national and international, for television as well as for the International Cannes Film Festival, the Soccer World Cup, posters, publicities, stage settings, and floats for the Nice Carnival. He also participates in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad and won various international awards.


MASTER 4: Marie Claire Quiquemelle KUO

French Sinologist, Director of Anthropology Documentary, Specialist on History of Chinese Cinema, and Chinese Animation Films

Since she joined the French National Centre For Scientific Researches in 1970, for more than 40 years she has devoted her life in promoting the Chinese culture. She is a member of the French Institute of Visual Anthropology;her films have obtained numerous awards worldwide. She is a recognised scholar on the culture of the Chinese Miao nationality as well as specialist on history of Chinese Cinema and Chinese Animation Films. She has published numerous papers and has been invited to give lectures in many important forums.



Founder & CEO of FanFan Comic Cooperation

Member of Animation and Game Committee of China Film Critics Society

Graduated from Foreign Language Institute of Hangzhou University (now Zhejiang University), and Obtained Master Degree in Kyushu University in Japan. FanFan Comic was founded by SHEN in 2009, and it is the copyright agency of Shueisha in Mainland China, with many excellent imported works, Naruto, One Piece, etc. Fanfan’s two original projects, Supernova Award and Chinese Cartoonist Base, are aimed to discover the talents and for further cultivation. Company’s representative works: Top News King and Mode Ⅱ by YOU.LING, Ultramarine Magmell by Dinianmiao, The Hidden Descendants by Misha, Yangyao-The Spirit Cather by Xiaoshili, The Only Human in School by Chaiquanjun, Alarm! Flipped by Kongzao, Magical Drink by If, Idiot Prince by Chang’anmuye, etc. 



Director of Guangzhou Comicfans Culture Technology Development Co., Ltd, President of COMICFANS magazine

YU joined Comicfans Culture in 2008, and has been granted the honors such as ‘High-End Talent of Industry’ of Guangzhou, and ‘Top-Notch Professional and Technical Talent’ etc. The works published by the company has been awarded Government Award for Chinese Culture and Art. The company launched ‘CACC Golden Dragon Award’ and successfully hosted the China International Comics Festival for 11 editions. 


5. Admission Ticket:RMB ¥200 (Early Bird: RMB ¥160)