China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival


01 May 09:30 - 12:30


Banquet Hall A, White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel

01 May 09:30 - 12:30

1.Forum Form: Lecture (18mins per person) + Q&A 

2.Speech Theme: New Animation ·New Language

3.Moderator: CHEN Yang

Host of Hangzhou TV Station West Lake Pearl Channel

CHEN Yang is a Host of Hangzhou TV Station West Lake Pearl Channel, a member of Zhejiang Recitation Association, the Art Consultant of Binjiang District Recitation Association. Mr. CHEN Yang was awarded as the Top Ten host of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Television Media Group, The National Top Ten Legal Programs Host. He is outstanding by his vivid and interactive hosting style.


4.Guest Speakers:

No.1: Leo GENG

Senior Vice President of iQIYI

Leo GENG graduated from Hunan University, majoring in Industrial Automation as a bachelor student and acquired a Master Degree of Communication from Journalism and Communication Institute, Tsinghua University. Mr. GENG joined in July 2011 as the Vice President of Operations, being fully in charge of the content construction, quality control and strategic cooperation. In June, 2015, Mr.GENG was promoted to be the senior vice president and has been responsible for the overall content operation of the company.


No.2: PAN Bin

Founder, Director & General Manager of WAWAYU Animation Company

PAN Bin is the Founder of WAWAYU Animation Co., starting his career in the field of animation production since 1999 as an independent animator and gradually found the animation studio and WAWAYU Animation Company. He edited many comic works such as “ The Tale of a Drug Lord”, directed popular animation works such as “Legend of SHO”, “Master of Soul”, animation film‘Lucky Star - ZHU Xiaobu’, produced‘Unparalleled Black and White’, ‘God Cook’(MENG QI SHISHEN) , etc.


No.3: Lay SUN

Deputy General Manager of Operation

Hangzhou Electric Soul Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Lay is a senior game practitioner who has worked in such well-known game companies as Shanda Network, Sohu Changyou, Hero Entertainment, and Electronic Soul. With his rich experience in game industry and game operations, the games that he operated, such as "Daily Dance", "Adventure and Mining", "NBA Live" and other popular products, have received excellent feedback from the market.


No.4: ZHANG Xuan

Executive Producer of ‘The Wind Guardians’

CEO & Producer, BUXI Animation

Mr. Zhang is an animation artist with twenty-years’ career experience. He used to work in the department of Animation in Communication University of China, the animation department of CCTV, Creative Group China branch of the United States and other well-known animation production companies.


No.5: Dr. Casper HARTEVELD

Associate Professor of Game Design, Northeastern University

Dr. Harteveld’s research focuses on using games to study and improve decision-making. Working across disciplines, he builds and applies games especially in areas where it is challenging to study and educate in natural environments and collects detailed and expansive behavioral data in a controlled manner. For his work, Dr. Harteveld was awarded the ‘Young Talent Prize of Information Systems’, Special Prize for best dissertation in simulation & gaming, five ‘National Science Foundation awards’, and‘DARPA’s Young Faculty Award’.


No.6: ZHAO Yuqing 

Founder • Director • Producer • Art Director of Year Young Culture

Master of Communication University of China

ZHAO Yuqing, known as one of the representatives of the new generation of Chinese animators, is the CEO of Year Young Culture. In 2008, her self-edited and self-directed graduation short film The Lost Commitment won the top prize of the The third China (Beijing) International College Student Animation Festival (Aniwow! 2008), the Poplar Award. After graduation, ZHAO Yuqing served as Assistant Director and Production Designer in Kuiba, the Art Director of the promotion video of the animated feature film Master Jiang,the Art Director of the animation network drama The Young Imperial Guard, ect. Rencently, her self-edited and self-directed animation network drama Deity Introspection draws attentions of the animation industry and audiences.

Notable work:The Young Imperial Guard、Beyond the Ocean、Deity Introspection


The Lost Commitment won the Poplar Award, the top prize of The Third China (Beijing) International College Student Animation Festival (Aniwow! 2008);

The Young Imperial Guard won the Golden Award in the Best Animated Series category of the 14th China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award;

Beyond the Ocean won the Best Art Award in National Original Animated Series category at 2018 AniSpark Original Chinese Animation Festival.


No.7: YU Guang

Founder and Chairman of Hangzhou XIJIANG Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. XIJIANG owns well-know sub-brands include TONGSHIFU( Master Copper) and Copper-wooden Stylism. XIJIANG has been striving for innovative subjects while absorbing Chinese traditional copper casting technique since it established five years ago. XIJIANG co-operated with the National Museum of China, the British Museum, and Cartoon & Animation brands and IPs such as Warner’s “Batman”, "Wonder Woman", Marvel's “The Avengers”, “The Wandering Earth”, “Transformers”, “Angry Birds”, LIUXIAOLINGTONG, HAN Meilin and etc. XIJIANG creates numerous copper cartoon images, which are highly regarded by consumers.


5. Admission Ticket:RMB ¥200