China International
Cartoon & Animation Festival

Opening Party

24 Apr 18:00 - 21:00

Venue:Tropical Rain Forest

24 Apr 18:00 - 21:00

1. Gan Xiao

The Gan Xiao Cup football match, popular across the country, kindled the sports enthusiasm of students. Ruizhen, a top team of Hangzhou in the old days, came to the bottom in the qualification trials as it had lost three consecutive games. It was hard to survive the group stage.


Gong Xiaopeng, a transferred student, joined the team. He was a member of the football seed program Gan Xiao Generation. However, he let audiences down with poor performances in the field, despite he was taken as redeemer of the Ruizhen team. Zhou Hanhao, a genius in the midfield, had to leave football game because of injury in childhood. He took upon himself to join the team in spite of objection of his father. Lu Feng, a biology teacher on the surface, was actually a retired professional football player. He held the post of coach of the school team in coincidence. Will the three losers make the team swaying in the midst of raging storm flutter and soar high again, or drop into abyss?


Gan Xiao Cup and Gan Xiao Generation stemmed from a football game five years ago. They were fetters of young Gong Xiaopeng as he met by chance Hua Zhiting, daughter of Dahua Group boss for the first time. The quest for football honor depicted not only the vision of takeoff of Chinese football, but also the green years of boys and girls in contemporary China.


2. Dinosaur School

Dinosaur School is an original animation work produced by Fish Animation Studio (Hangzhou Dragon Palace Cultural Creativity Co. Ltd.). It is comprised of 52 episodes, which lasts for six minutes in each episode. It builds the eight intelligence of preschool children, along with cultural education contents of Asian characteristics, into eight series of great creativity, and develops into a complete set of name brand courses for early childhood education.


Dinosaur School tells of stories of young dinosaurs starting to learn from smart humans all sorts of knowledge to shy away from the crisis of extinction. Young dinosaurs of various sorts gather in schools. Some are naughty, some are careless, and some are timid.... They fight for fun in campus, with happy laughter and cheerful voices. Unwittingly, they have learned many amazing skills, and come to know most interesting traditional Chinese culture.


Now that clumsy young dinosaurs can learn many skills, dear little friends, be sure of yourself, and have interest to learn them well.